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Money is EVIL! Who says THAT?

Money is Evil.  Who says it?  The Rich, the Poor, the Loser, the Winner, the Sour Grapers?

These are the common blue-prints in our mind about MONEY!

  1. Money is Evil
  2. Rich people are unspiritual and filthy
  3. Rich people are dishonest
  4. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  5. It takes a lot of money to make money
  6. I don’t need so much money, it doesn’t make me happy.  U SURE?
  7. We don’t want to be slave to money? Idiotic right, then make it works for you!

Our sub-conscious mind, the little voices inside us, has been reminding us of the above because we were conditioned since young by people surrounding us; our parents, relatives, friends, culture, media,

What is Money?

  • a promisory note
  • a piece of paper, now, a piece of plastic too
  • freedom of choices
  • accumulation of future choices
  • to exchange other values

 I ADORE  money, I WORSHIP money and I LOVE for money!  You won’t get INSANE and INHUMAN craving for Money. 

If you despise the 5¢, accumulate for me and call me 9730-6779, I will collect from you. Love every single cent of it. You must LOVE money, then MONEY will be attracted to you. 

Even if you make a profit of 5¢, be grateful. Why, because, at least you are able to make the 5¢!. Congratulate yourself.  Step by step, you ascend the ladder.  Today, you make 5¢, tomorrow, you make 50¢. There, you learn to make 50¢. Subsequently, you make S$50,  S$500,  S$5,000! Singapore Dollars BEST.

Why do we want to make money?  It’s FUN.

Reasons of creating wealth:

  1. Lifestyle – for  me and my extended family.  You get more pleasure by providing for those you love!
  2. Contribution – It’s our duty, mission to get rich so that we can help the poor, unfortunate, the elderly, the dis-advantaged.

So, stop avoiding Money. Create a habitual to make money! Go and learn to make Money. Repetition is the mother of Learning.

Don’t get stress by reading this article.  Think over it but dont analyse, analyse until you become paralyse!

Advertisement Corner:

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Morale of the Story – You have to be inspired, to buy and to sell in order to become RICH & GENEROUS!

Inspirational!, Smart Money

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