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Real Good Lobang to share

April 8th, 2009

Wonder you know about  this ongoing lobang and  if you love massaging…..  I do….I do….. I do…..

This lobang can be located at Downtown East and comes with expiry date i.e till 30th April 2009.  Of course, come with restriction, else called “lobang”.  Restriction is – you must enjoy it during weekdays only.  Ok what, pay S$15 (NTUC members) and public pays S$18. As claimed, Total Savings up to S$71!

For S$15 or S$18, you get:

Free Free Wheel Ride
Choose 1 Fun+ Deal
( from bowling, 30mins back massage, 10 mins xtal mud foot, bath, etc,)
 Of course I will choose massage! Once, Twice, Thrice.  Wonder are we allowed to buy multiple Fun+Deals.
Choose 1 Meal Deal
(from Subway, Burger King, 好口味,日本村……)
Play for FREE!  Redeem your Fun Meal spending with a resort voucher of the same value
FREE parking

Check the full details from

To further save costs:
Just 10-min walk from Pasir Ris MRT           OR
Bus No. 3, 5, 6, 12, 17, 21, 89, 354 , 358     OR
Free Shuttle bus is available from 8.45am at Pasir Ris MRT Station.

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April 8th, 2009


 Bear Market  熊市  xiong2 shi4
 Bull Market  牛市  niu2 shi4
 Bullish  乐观  le4 guan1
 Chief Executive Officer  财务总监  cai1 wu4 zong3 jian1
 Collapse  崩溃  beng1 kui4
 Commodities  产品  chan3 pin4
 Currencies  货币  huo4 bi4
 Crude Oil  原油  yuan2 yu2
 Economist  经济学家  jing1 ji4 xue2 jia1
 Fin. Institution  金融机构   jin1 rong2 ji1 gou4 
 Fixed Deposit  定期存款  ding4 qi1 cun2 kuan3
 Foreign Exchange  外汇  wai4 hui4
 Gain/Loss  上升股/下跌股  shang4 sheng1 gu3/xia4 sheng1 gu3
 Gross Domestic Product  国内生产总值  guo2 nei4 sheng1 chan3 zong3 zhi2
 Hedge Fund  套利基金  tao4 li4 ji1 jin1
 Inflation  通货膨胀  tong1 huo4 peng2 zhang4
 Investment Managemt  投资管理学  tou2 zi1 guan3 li3 xue2
 Loan Interest    贷款利息  dai4 kuan3li4 xi2
 Merger & Acquisition     
 Monetary Policy  货币政策  huo4 bi4 zheng4 ce4
 Most Active Stock  热门股  re4 men2 gu4
 Multinational Company  跨国公司  kua4 guo2 gong2 si1
 Net Profit   净利  jing4 li4
 Profit  利润  li4 run4
 Portfolio  投资组合  tou2 zi1 zu3 he2
 President  主席  zhu3 xi2
 Remisier  股票经纪  gu3 piao4 jing1 ji4
 STI Index   海峡时报指数  hai3 xia2 shi2 bao4 zhi3 shu4
 Sovereign wealth funds  主权财富基金  zhu3 quan2 cai2 fu4 ji1 jin1
 Securities  证券  zheng4 quan4
 Settlement  清偿  qing1 chang4
 Speculators  投机者  tou2 ji1 zhe3
 Stock Broker  股票经纪人  gu3 piao4 jing1 ji4 ren2
 Strategies  策略  ce4 lue4
 Subsidiary  子公司  zi3 gong1 i1
 Sweet Crude  低硫原油  di1 liu2 yuan2 you2
 (transaction) volume  成交量  cheng2 jiao1 liang4

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