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Flyer Distributor Wanted

April 30th, 2012


Winnie is looking for flyer distributor on these 2 days.
Venue at parkway.
Interested parties , please give her a buzz  H/P:  90300189


The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

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Price Tag

April 28th, 2012


My dear doll, Ting, recommended this song to me.  She said I sure like it.  Indeed.

My daughter knows she has a ‘hot’ mama, funny and crazy one who needs to be tamed.  I am her ‘daughter’ and she is my ‘mother’.  She will remind me to drink enough water, invent me a schedule to eat my vitamins, calcium, royal jelly, evening prime rose, etc..  If I insomnia, she will read to me.  If I didn’t sit probably, she will signal me. Just like a mother hen.

My husband is a lo-li-lo-so ‘papa’ to me, taking care of all the ‘big and small’ things’, thinking I am very gullible and easily ‘gana’ cheated by people.  Please lah, ‘Who Am I’, sia.

My whole family is very ‘xi-lai-lious’ people EXCEPT ME, got all the genes from the ‘papa’.  All got very ‘serious’ face including my ‘assistant’ (maid) of 20+ years.  Wah, very stressful leh.  You say something funny, they catch no ball and thought you critisie them.  SO BE IT.

Lagi best,  my family is like another ‘department’ of my husband’s company. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper’s conversation is revolved round ‘business’ discussion.  We are listeners (90% of the time),debaters(5%) as well as advisers(5%) too(wu yi kong, Bo wa kong).  I think we should be named “VIP brainstorming Dept.” and claim a salary from his Company.  Very tiring indeed.

I hope after his retirement, the conversation is NOT revolved round  his ‘past’ company.

Heng ah, he will not visit my website.  He views it as children playground, lol.  His past time is watching Youtube Kung-Fu Fighting, ya that’s adult thing.

So, let’s be crazy.


Don’t worry about the past and don’t get too upset or take it to heart because it does nothing for U

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行人道。斑马线。交通灯 by Baey Yam Keng on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 12:28am

April 27th, 2012

This article is well-written in Mandarin and also translated into English by our handsome MP Mr Baey Yam Keng:

Patience, tolerance, magnanimous and  consideration are the important grains to become gracious Singaporeans.  How to form the habits?

Everday, praise 3 persons, do 3 good deeds and greet your family members and friends, say thank you.

After 18 days, you are a changed person to the better lah, dude.















马 路如虎口,就算是在斑马线,或是交通灯绿人亮着的时候,也要左右看一看,查一查车辆是否停了下来。虽然在指定过道过马路完全没错,法律也会站在行人这一 边,可是,万一发生意外,吃亏的肯定是行人。就算交警法官会判肇祸司机有罪,扣分、罚款,甚至坐牢,但受伤的是行人,痛的是自己的身躯,值得吗?





新 加坡是一个讲法律的地方,什么可以做,什么不可以做,都明文规定。执法者也很有效率,抄牌、警告、罚款或坐牢,总会有一招生效。可是,我们是否认为凡事有 法律保护,有警察抓坏人,而就掉以轻心,警惕心大减?或者,变得事事都依法行事?认为“这是法律规定,这就是我的权利”、“那是他的错,我为什么要让步? 需要妥协的人应该是他!”。

斑马线和交通灯固然是现代社会的基本交通设施, 但我们不可变成没有斑马线和交通灯就不懂得如何安全地过马路,更不要认为斑马线和交通灯就一定是万无一失的安全之道。







Pavement, Zebra Crossing, Traffic Lights


During the “KopiTalk” session held at Tampines North two weeks ago, a resident expressed unhappiness over the reckless behaviour of some cyclists on the pavement.


The relevant authorities are carrying out plans to widen the pavement so as to accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists.


Unless we strive to be more gracious and magnanimous, this will continue to pose as a problem regardless of the width of the walkway. The bicycle is akin to an iron horse capable of a traveling speed many times higher than that of a pedestrian. Therefore, cyclists have the added responsibility of keeping their acceleration and environment in check.  When ringing the bell, they should exercise judgment and discretion, especially when alerting the elderly who require a relatively longer reaction time. Impatience will only create unnecessary burden and distress.


On the other hand, disputes are seemingly unavoidable if pedestrians insist on hogging the entire walkway and refuse to give way to an oncoming cyclist.


Learning the knack of road crossing in Cambodia


It is not an uncommon sight to spot pedestrians staring hard into their mobile phones or actively engaged in their text messages when crossing the road.


As the Chinese saying goes “The roads are no less dangerous than a tiger’s jarring mouth”, it is therefore crucial to make a quick visual scan of both your left and right to ensure that the traffic has come to a halt before crossing the road. In spite of the conscientious efforts to abide by the traffic regulations, it does not render one invulnerable to the traffic hazards. In the unfortunate event of a road accident, even if the driver eventually received the fair punishment meted out, the injured pedestrian remains the one bearing the physical anguish, wallowing in his sorry plight. Is this even worthy of a justification?


During my trip to Cambodia more than ten years ago, I found it almost an impossible mission to cross the roads in the sea of motorists and pedestrians when there was no proper traffic infrastructure. It took me some time to finally realize that the pedestrians had to move along with the streaming vehicles in order to get to the other side of the road.  While people do not drive fast, motorists would also not stop to give way to pedestrians.   Hence, the trick to crossing the roads with ease in Cambodia – pedestrians blending in with the traffic.


Rational planning interweaved with sensible complementarities makes the art of harmonious living


Singapore is a law-abiding nation with what we know to be the “to do’s” and “not to do’s” explicitly spelt out. Law enforcers are also efficient to issue summons, warnings, composition fines or even mete out the penalty of imprisonment, all of which will indubitably serve their respective purposes. However, can we just outsource our security to our polished and efficient Home Team and therefore subscribe to a lower level of vigilance and surveillance against external jeopardy? On the contrary, will we tailor every aspect of our lives in accordance with the law and ride on the privileges legally prescribed, and refuse to make compromises?


The zebra crossings and traffic lights are modern infrastructure that lend assistance to moderate traffic flow. Nevertheless, we must never take their usually functional and robust capability for granted and gets trapped in the assumption that these tools are unassailable and fail-safe.  Neither should we lose our innate ability to negotiate traffic in the absence of these provisions.


Building interpersonal relationships and living together in a common space not only ask for sagacious planning but also jive with the virtue of emotional and mental forbearance. Sometimes it serves us better to be less fastidious and to exercise greater consideration towards the needs of others.


Patience and tolerance in the fit of rage begets serenity and harmony.

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Lobang Ah – Associate Trainers

April 27th, 2012


Mohd Khair B Mohd Noor is looking for:

Associate Trainers in the area of Corporate Training who are biligual and able to deliver in English/Mandarin or English/Malay or English/Tamil.

Areas of Training include the following:
1. Personal Effectiveness
2. Stress Management
3. Creativity and Innovation
4. Project Management
5. Leadership
If you or your friends are interested, please email your resume to for our consideration.

Lobang Queen

Lobang Ah – Looking for Malay-speaking Individual

April 27th, 2012


Mr Pak Hoe Peng is looking for:

A Malay-Speaking Individual to give a 2 to 3 hour presentation to a group size of about 20 to 40 people.

If you think you can and require further informtion, please contact him at

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I like to trade Olam

April 27th, 2012


While waiting for the market to clear its vision, don’t know want to dive or want to fly, there is still kachang puteh money to make from trading some stocks in a range.

Olam is currently trading in the range of 2.28 and 2.38. Put in the Stop loss at 2.18 in order not to get yourself into depression. The stock itself is trending too, so it’s either break up or break down.  There is no proof that every trade is a winner.

It’s ‘chiam tan’ (small profit) and hard-earned too.  You have to ‘geng’ (figure out) when to buy in and how much you want to make, how many days you want to hold.  At times, you walk in and walk out within the day. You have to check the sentiment of the day too. You need at least 10 lots to make the  kachang puteh with a commission rate of 0.18% is more ideal.

After you have tasted the ‘fruit’, walk away.  Wait for the next ‘bud’ (the low) to appear.  Probably, can play  2 or 3 times in a month.

Cut Loss is one of the criteria you must set.



Don’t confuse a correction with a bear market.

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the DJ Got Us Fallin In Love again

April 25th, 2012


This is one of the HOT HOT songs.

My Aerobic Instructor, Kieran uses it to make us MOVE.

Kieran is very passionate in his occupation. We have ABT (Abs, Buns & Thighs) session with him for almost 2+ years.  Lately, I joined his Low Impact Aerobics.  He had students with him for more than 10+ years.

I immediately fell in love  with the Low Impact Aerobics.  It’s so so so FUN, FUN, FUN.  We move like MTV dancers, haha. The songs so hot and motivating.  After an hour exercise, your whole body smells, detoxing in fact.  This session is to burn our fat.

The ABT is torturing but definitely GOOD. This session is to tone our muscles and toning the whole physique.

If you just do ABT, you are building muscles on top of your fat.  So, it’s very difficult to slim down.

The Low Impact Aerobics is for you to burn FAT.  So, to be effective, they should  go hand in hand.

I invited Kieran to this year’s Chinese New Year gathering.  I casually mentioned that I wanted to lose 5kg by this year end but he took it seriously.  From the next session onwards, he gives us more hard time and torture than before.  Hei hei, although we complain, we enjoy it.

He is quite strick with his sessions.  He will ‘shout’ at you if he sees you ‘tao jiak’ (slow down).  My name gana called out, always loh. Aiya, bei tahan (cannot take it).  Slow and steady, win the race mah.  I told him that doctor says:  Listen to your body.  He said that I am the doctor.  My moniker in the class is ‘5kg’

I shall buy him a lunch when my target is met.

His sessions never once dull US.   There is always new steps, new patterns ….

We always look forward to it.

Rumoured the he was in the financial mkt years ago in forex dept?  Yet to explore further.




 The Journey is more important than the destination.

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Buy Apple or buy Maple Ind or both?

April 24th, 2012



When my 2nd son turned 21, we were thinking of what to give him.  Ang pow?

NO, NO, NO.  He will spend it away and as usual, to buy his camera stuff.  He is ‘rich’ in his camera assets, very diligently upgrading it.  Of course, he made some money out of it too.  He photo-shoots wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and volunteered at the Youth Olympics, blah blah blah.  Probably, recup half of his money.

We thought it’s time to give our children some valuable lesson and asset.  So, we decided to buy him 1 lot of Maple Ind. which costed about S$1090 at that time with the condition that he had to keep it for 3 years or can dispose it at the advice of his ‘professional’ mama.

He had been collecting about S$60+ of dividend per year.  Isn’t it better than you keep the S$1,090 in the bank to earn the miserable interest or eventually becomes ‘camera asset’.

Of late, I try to entice him to buy another lot of Maple Ind.

Instead, he counter-offered me to buy Apple instead.  He is another Apple ‘xiao ren’ (die-hard).  Apple stock is sky-high, how to buy?

He said, Apple will go up to US$1,000+, so a sentimental buy?  If everyone holds a hp, ipad, desktop, notebook and apple accessories which had happened in our household, it sure will go up.  AND, Apple is coming up with more products soon.  So, shall we chase the stock?

No try, no gain.  Probably, he can learn a lesson or two for choosing Apple.  So, we entered at US$596.00.  He bought 2 pcs x US$596.0 = US$1,192 (already costed in the comm, etc).  He also wants Maple Ind x 1 lot, as low as possible.

Sometimes, as caring parents, we bought some to standby and then give them a ‘good’ price to start off, haha.  So, I bought at S$1.13 and probably will sell to him at S$1.10 to make him feel that he is making the ‘profit’.  He hasn’t paid up because he is in Australia and he will be back this June for a short holiday, so I hold the stock loh.

By the way,  if you have any photography needs during this period 25June to 8July 2012, do contact me at am his Marketing Manager too.

Back to Apple.   The share went up to US$633.00.  He was happy that it went up, made the right choice.

Yesterday price was US$571.70!  So he is making a paper loss of US$24.3 x 2 + US$20+ comm.

So how, to sell or to hold?  Any good advice?


An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away!


It is best we chart our own destiny and manage our own future.



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Enjoy your weekend!

April 21st, 2012



Video for you to laugh at, cry at and/ or shout at, haha!


The Most Shocking Video Ever….





Why must you do things to make yourself look good and impress on others – Fei Ting

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The Pain Management Handbook

April 20th, 2012


I am a regular at library but I am very lazy to search for books, unless I have some titles in mind.  Normally, I will scavenge what people left at the trollies, haha, a time-saving method.

I like the books recommendation corners. Our librarians are very fantastic people.  They normally recommend very good books but each week, the theme is different.  I came across the above book and flipped through.

This book is what my hubby needed most.  He is in pain for quite a while.  He had seek for medical advice, went for x-ray and finally MRI Scan.  The specialist’s advice is knee replacement which he dreaded.

The Pain Management Handbook – Your personal guide, is written by Neville Shone who personally experienced pain for numerous years but not aware of it until it becomes very serious.

However, with or without pain, it is still GOOD READ.  You will learn SOMETHING.  The library code is 616.0472 SHO-[HEA]. Go online to reserve it, S$1.50.

I extracted some parts to encourage you to borrow:

“Have you experienced pain for longer than 3 months? Have you been searching for cure, or run the gamut of doctors and hospitals in a fruitless quest for relief? Do you feel that the drugs you are taking are damaging your health?  Do you feel helpless and that no one believes you have pain?  If so, then it is time for you to learn new skills to cope with it.  The Pain Management Handbook is a programme of effective exercises that may be used by individuals, groups, group leaders and health professionals.  Topics include:

– understanding pain

– overcoming fear of movement

– achieving progressive physical goals

– why correct posture is vital

– relaxation, visualization, meditation and breathing exercises

– the importance of confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking

– coping with setbacks

– lifestyle considerations, such as diet and sleep

– socializing and other leisure activities

– complementary therapies

– pain and older people

In this warm and comprehensive guide, Neville Shone says that you don’t have to walk alone – you can learn ways to free yourself from the prison of pain”

Please read.

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