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Auntie’s 2 cents worth of Investing – Wilmar Int’l

April 13th, 2012

Post-mortem Analysis:


Wilmar was HIGH S$5.99 on 16/02/12.

On 22/02/12, it suddenly zoomed down to $5.22.

Wah, a hefty $0.77 drops.  Good buy hoh.  Somemore got dividend to collect ah.

How much?  S$31 per lot, paying on 18-05-12.  So, I went in at S$5.17.

Is it the right time to buy?  I think not so but I still went in.  Emotion come into play.  It’s a good stock and it has dividend to collect but the low was on 11.04.12 at S$4.78.

Probably, you will say, we can never catch the low.

On analysis, I think we should be patient to let the drop settled the dust before we go in.

A loss of opportunity cost on my money.

What say you?  Your opinion, please.



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