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50% Discount on the Singapore Garden Festival 2012 – Withdrawn

April 15th, 2012

Sorry for the withdrawal of the above.

There is some mis-communication. The 50% discount is meant for my Gardening Club members to bond deeper.

Want lobang? Must socialize more lo.

Daily Journal

When to buy Wilmar?

April 15th, 2012

Readers ask me:  When to buy Wilmar ah?

Hey, if I can tell you accurately, I am Goddess and probably own a few bungalows at Sentosa Cove, my dreams and will be supporting a few charitable organisations.

I am investing to make some extra monthly pocket money.

I divide my capital into 4 types:

-CPF Life

-Insurances to collect premiums and protect my standard of living; By the way,  kaya and toast will do for me. And dont forget to invest on your Medishield, at least.

-Blue chips, bonds and reits to collect dividends

-Contra trading on stocks that had high volume and volatile.  Please contra some good stocks lah not ka chiam puteh stocks.   U might lose your pants and had to sell your body parts if they suspended trading. And no contra on  gambling stocks for me because I will gamble away my money, taboo.  U might as well go to the Casino to gamble on the spot, more exciting there.

I am short of rental income, a dream to realise.

Is it easy money to make?  The answer is a BIG NO.

You need hard work.  People who works diligently, consistently, intelligently, with discipline in everything you do and with passion normally has a brighter future and happier life.  And also, you must be kind and courteous and GOD will bless you.

Do you need to trade every seconds, every hour, every day?  I DO NOT NEED THAT.  In fact, I heard a real life story of a teacher who trade once or twice a year, made his money and is collecting rentals, on top of his salary.

I love tradng stocks, an influence from my dad.

But before you do trading, please read up profusely and attend courses.  Please attend ‘REAL’ courses.  I hope you know what I mean.

Trading is a specialist job too, like doctor.  We x-ray the stock and analyse the x-ray, that is the CHART. Too bad, our basic educations system doesn’t provide this subject, a setback.  So, many people lost money learning the experience and make the $$$$ later if they persist the investing.  Am I one of them?  Your Guess.

What price to buy, Wilmar?  I don’t know.  You can use volumes,  bollinger band, MADC, trends, fibonacci and or elliot wave, RSI, blah blah, blah  to check on it.

BUT, isn’t it attractive to keep an eye on it, analyse it upside down,  and see when it’s going to break out.

You don’t lose money, if the trend is UP.  You only buy a little bit expensive than other people and earn a little less.

You lose confidence when you catch it low AND  it goes further lower, you curse yourself.

So, how to catch the bottom bottom.  Don’t be GREEDY lah.  Make little less money better than losing right?

If you bay song this Wilmar, look for another one.  There are plenty of stocks out there waiting for you to pick, like wild flowers.

My 2 cents Worth of Investing.

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