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Speech of our Great Leader – Lee Hsien Loong

April 18th, 2012


During the last few years, whenever I had insomnia, I will get my daughter to read to me story books and eventually upgraded to reading newspaper cuttings on Forum, Think, Speech from Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Sunday Time’s Dr Lee Wei Ling’s articles.

1stly, you can bond with her.

2ndly, I hardly see her reading and so the reading.

3rdly, she will definitely gain knowledge and hopefully will help her in her General Paper. She willingly read to me because she is concerned that I had not enough sleep and my eyes will look like “黑眼熊”.

Hei hei, at times I feigned insomnia so that she read.

But of late, because she is so busy preparing for the year end’s ‘A’ level, SHE HAD NO TIME AT ALL.

Creative me, and also because I bought a iphone 4 last X’mas, I use YOUTUBE to read to me whenever I had insomnia.

No, practically everyday, YOUTUBE read to me.  It’s a habit now.

If I am very tired, no need YOUTUBE lah, plonk on the bed and within seconds, I am in slumberland till 5.30am.  A regular habit now to wait up at 5.30am.  No need alarm clock.  Sometime as early as 4.30am.  What to do?  Ask YOUTUBE to read to me.  I gain probably another 30mins nap.

What articles am I listening?  Haha, nothing else but Mentor Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches on local and international scenes.  Lately, upgraded to Lee Hsien Loong’s speech too.

I can tiredlessly repeat listening these speeches because I have fallen asleep after maybe 10mins or so, haha.

They are so admirable people who speaks with wisdom.  How many PMs in the  world are so knowlegeable and articulate like them.  I can’t find any, so sorry to say that unless you proof me wrong.  They have sense of humor too, haha.


Davos 2012, Lee Hsien Loong – The Outlook for East Asia


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