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The Pain Management Handbook

April 20th, 2012


I am a regular at library but I am very lazy to search for books, unless I have some titles in mind.  Normally, I will scavenge what people left at the trollies, haha, a time-saving method.

I like the books recommendation corners. Our librarians are very fantastic people.  They normally recommend very good books but each week, the theme is different.  I came across the above book and flipped through.

This book is what my hubby needed most.  He is in pain for quite a while.  He had seek for medical advice, went for x-ray and finally MRI Scan.  The specialist’s advice is knee replacement which he dreaded.

The Pain Management Handbook – Your personal guide, is written by Neville Shone who personally experienced pain for numerous years but not aware of it until it becomes very serious.

However, with or without pain, it is still GOOD READ.  You will learn SOMETHING.  The library code is 616.0472 SHO-[HEA]. Go online to reserve it, S$1.50.

I extracted some parts to encourage you to borrow:

“Have you experienced pain for longer than 3 months? Have you been searching for cure, or run the gamut of doctors and hospitals in a fruitless quest for relief? Do you feel that the drugs you are taking are damaging your health?  Do you feel helpless and that no one believes you have pain?  If so, then it is time for you to learn new skills to cope with it.  The Pain Management Handbook is a programme of effective exercises that may be used by individuals, groups, group leaders and health professionals.  Topics include:

– understanding pain

– overcoming fear of movement

– achieving progressive physical goals

– why correct posture is vital

– relaxation, visualization, meditation and breathing exercises

– the importance of confidence, self-esteem and positive thinking

– coping with setbacks

– lifestyle considerations, such as diet and sleep

– socializing and other leisure activities

– complementary therapies

– pain and older people

In this warm and comprehensive guide, Neville Shone says that you don’t have to walk alone – you can learn ways to free yourself from the prison of pain”

Please read.

Daily Journal

A Salute to MM Lee Kuan Yew – A Great Man of High Integrity, Foresight, Vision and Perserverance

April 20th, 2012


I came across this video uploaded by Jasmine Tan.

Yes, MM Lee Kuan Yew and his team of loyal, honest and dedicated men made us so happening and so proud to be called SINGAPOREANS, so envy by people all over the world to the extent of jealousy.羡慕已了!  妒嫉已了!

Henry Kiong’s email footnote comes with this sentence:

After your thirst has been quenched, DON’T forget the source, YES, definitely a good reminder.



We LOVE Singapore!

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