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the DJ Got Us Fallin In Love again

April 25th, 2012


This is one of the HOT HOT songs.

My Aerobic Instructor, Kieran uses it to make us MOVE.

Kieran is very passionate in his occupation. We have ABT (Abs, Buns & Thighs) session with him for almost 2+ years.  Lately, I joined his Low Impact Aerobics.  He had students with him for more than 10+ years.

I immediately fell in love  with the Low Impact Aerobics.  It’s so so so FUN, FUN, FUN.  We move like MTV dancers, haha. The songs so hot and motivating.  After an hour exercise, your whole body smells, detoxing in fact.  This session is to burn our fat.

The ABT is torturing but definitely GOOD. This session is to tone our muscles and toning the whole physique.

If you just do ABT, you are building muscles on top of your fat.  So, it’s very difficult to slim down.

The Low Impact Aerobics is for you to burn FAT.  So, to be effective, they should  go hand in hand.

I invited Kieran to this year’s Chinese New Year gathering.  I casually mentioned that I wanted to lose 5kg by this year end but he took it seriously.  From the next session onwards, he gives us more hard time and torture than before.  Hei hei, although we complain, we enjoy it.

He is quite strick with his sessions.  He will ‘shout’ at you if he sees you ‘tao jiak’ (slow down).  My name gana called out, always loh. Aiya, bei tahan (cannot take it).  Slow and steady, win the race mah.  I told him that doctor says:  Listen to your body.  He said that I am the doctor.  My moniker in the class is ‘5kg’

I shall buy him a lunch when my target is met.

His sessions never once dull US.   There is always new steps, new patterns ….

We always look forward to it.

Rumoured the he was in the financial mkt years ago in forex dept?  Yet to explore further.




 The Journey is more important than the destination.

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