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April 28th, 2012


My dear doll, Ting, recommended this song to me.  She said I sure like it.  Indeed.

My daughter knows she has a ‘hot’ mama, funny and crazy one who needs to be tamed.  I am her ‘daughter’ and she is my ‘mother’.  She will remind me to drink enough water, invent me a schedule to eat my vitamins, calcium, royal jelly, evening prime rose, etc..  If I insomnia, she will read to me.  If I didn’t sit probably, she will signal me. Just like a mother hen.

My husband is a lo-li-lo-so ‘papa’ to me, taking care of all the ‘big and small’ things’, thinking I am very gullible and easily ‘gana’ cheated by people.  Please lah, ‘Who Am I’, sia.

My whole family is very ‘xi-lai-lious’ people EXCEPT ME, got all the genes from the ‘papa’.  All got very ‘serious’ face including my ‘assistant’ (maid) of 20+ years.  Wah, very stressful leh.  You say something funny, they catch no ball and thought you critisie them.  SO BE IT.

Lagi best,  my family is like another ‘department’ of my husband’s company. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper’s conversation is revolved round ‘business’ discussion.  We are listeners (90% of the time),debaters(5%) as well as advisers(5%) too(wu yi kong, Bo wa kong).  I think we should be named “VIP brainstorming Dept.” and claim a salary from his Company.  Very tiring indeed.

I hope after his retirement, the conversation is NOT revolved round  his ‘past’ company.

Heng ah, he will not visit my website.  He views it as children playground, lol.  His past time is watching Youtube Kung-Fu Fighting, ya that’s adult thing.

So, let’s be crazy.


Don’t worry about the past and don’t get too upset or take it to heart because it does nothing for U

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