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Buy Apple or buy Maple Ind or both?

April 24th, 2012



When my 2nd son turned 21, we were thinking of what to give him.  Ang pow?

NO, NO, NO.  He will spend it away and as usual, to buy his camera stuff.  He is ‘rich’ in his camera assets, very diligently upgrading it.  Of course, he made some money out of it too.  He photo-shoots wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and volunteered at the Youth Olympics, blah blah blah.  Probably, recup half of his money.

We thought it’s time to give our children some valuable lesson and asset.  So, we decided to buy him 1 lot of Maple Ind. which costed about S$1090 at that time with the condition that he had to keep it for 3 years or can dispose it at the advice of his ‘professional’ mama.

He had been collecting about S$60+ of dividend per year.  Isn’t it better than you keep the S$1,090 in the bank to earn the miserable interest or eventually becomes ‘camera asset’.

Of late, I try to entice him to buy another lot of Maple Ind.

Instead, he counter-offered me to buy Apple instead.  He is another Apple ‘xiao ren’ (die-hard).  Apple stock is sky-high, how to buy?

He said, Apple will go up to US$1,000+, so a sentimental buy?  If everyone holds a hp, ipad, desktop, notebook and apple accessories which had happened in our household, it sure will go up.  AND, Apple is coming up with more products soon.  So, shall we chase the stock?

No try, no gain.  Probably, he can learn a lesson or two for choosing Apple.  So, we entered at US$596.00.  He bought 2 pcs x US$596.0 = US$1,192 (already costed in the comm, etc).  He also wants Maple Ind x 1 lot, as low as possible.

Sometimes, as caring parents, we bought some to standby and then give them a ‘good’ price to start off, haha.  So, I bought at S$1.13 and probably will sell to him at S$1.10 to make him feel that he is making the ‘profit’.  He hasn’t paid up because he is in Australia and he will be back this June for a short holiday, so I hold the stock loh.

By the way,  if you have any photography needs during this period 25June to 8July 2012, do contact me at cnyan8@yahoo.com.sgI am his Marketing Manager too.

Back to Apple.   The share went up to US$633.00.  He was happy that it went up, made the right choice.

Yesterday price was US$571.70!  So he is making a paper loss of US$24.3 x 2 + US$20+ comm.

So how, to sell or to hold?  Any good advice?


An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away!


It is best we chart our own destiny and manage our own future.



Daily Journal, For Our Children, Smart Money

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