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Tooth Implant – What an experience!

April 19th, 2012


My right side left only 1 small molar tooth and 2 empty slots.

All the left teeth had been filled again and again and the filling getting bigger and bigger, probably need crowning in the near future, the result of always using it to chew food, especially nuts.

I had considered tooth implant times and again but didn’t make a decision because to me, it’s a big operation and I pinched  about the S$5,000+ a tooth.

Besides, the dentist, to protect his profession, stated that there is a chance that it might hit my nerve and the result is no more feeling e.g. if you drink and when it drips out, you wouldn’t feel it but the chance is only 0.001% and so far has yet to happen. BUT, what if I am that 1 in a million?

The dentist advised that I should carry out the operation especially when I am still healthy (i.e. no high blood, no cholesterol, no diabetics, ……) and still ‘young’, haha.

After several checks and x-ray, I finally made the decision.

On that fateful day, I sat on the surgical chair and was very very tense.  After the local anesthetic, I can hear drilling, sawing and digging but no pain.  Finally, the hole is ready to receive the screw, haha.  However, the screw wobbles not because of the screw.  It’s because my bone is not strong to hold it firm.

The dental surgeon gave me 2 options.

ONE – leave it there, hoping that the bone will eventually grow strong and bind it but you can feel the ‘shake’ if, otherwsie.

TWO – Pull it out and close the gap.

Please take it OUT!

So, the surgeon tried  but CANNOT.

SO HOW?  Leave it lo.  But, he again tried very diligently, probably seeing my ‘dismayed, lost and blank’ expression and finally, got it pulled OUT and the surgeon put some bacteria or whatever to grow the bone or make it stronger.  I was advised to go for the 2nd operation.

Wah Say, 真受 不了!

After 3 months , I should be ready for operation.  I delay the allotted appointment after appointment for almost a year and finally make the decision.

YESTERDAY WAS THE DAY and it falls on the day the stock market was moving up.

Ai yo, I need to SELL, my ‘shoulders’ are very heavy already and I need to off-load as there is money to make leh and it’s on margin.

I thought of ‘lao sai’ on the surgeon but my conscience told me that I should have some social responsibility.  The theatre was booked for me and if I didn’t turn up, I am guilty of wasting alot of public resources, the doctor and nurses time and the productivity of the OT and I deprive someone’s opportunity.

I went with heavy heart.  Wah say, what if it’s another failure.  The nurse saw my fear and I confided to her that my 1st operation FAILED.

I told myself not to show ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ to the surgeon, otherwise, he will aslo lose confidence in himself. The nurses there are so gentle and attentive.  One of them hold my hand and gently strokes my hand to calm me and keep talking to me.

THE OPERATION IS A BREEZE!  Hooray!  Everything goes smoothly.

I thank the surgeon profusely and appreciatively, and the nurses too.  We must sincerely thank service staff when they do a good job.  This will spur them to go more further.

What is my cost of operation?

Original cost is S$1,795, after subsidy = S$1140.62.

I help my hubby to save almost $3,000 to $4,000.

Where:  Our National Dental Centre, SINGAPORE, OUR PRIDE


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