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Lobang Ah – Fire Sale at Harris Planerds

May 2nd, 2012


Harris Planerds Bookstore Turns ONE sale:

2 items – 20%

3 items – 30%

4 items – 40%

5 items – 50%

6 or more – 60% off

******T&C Apply********


When:   From 4th to 20th May.

Where:  313@Somerset L4


A Bad Decision is Better Than An Indecision


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How to make your own washing detergent?

May 2nd, 2012


This recipe is concocted by a group of ITE College East students, which could help you to save money by making your own washing detergent.

Ya, save the money to invest, wahaha!  Also, it’s eco-friendly.

You give your plastic container a 2nd life and re-cylce the waste (orange peels) too.


Self-made Washing Detergent:

1 part brown sugar

3 parts orange peels

10 parts water


This concoction needs to ferment for 3 to 5 months to produce the enzyme that is vital to the cleaning process, and then filtered to remove the sendiments.

Do it together with your children and/or loved ones, it helps to promote 感觉, 亲情  ah!

See the fruit of your labour, much much later.  Patience, Patience and Patience will be rewarded.




Do more and have more in our lives.

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Lobang Ah – Taser International

May 2nd, 2012


Taser International – U.S. Stock

“pa baey xi  BUT  a thiang” gun  – Taser Gun

It takes 4 months to go up and 4 months to go down, so be patience.

Last December 2011, highest done is US$6.33.

This March 2012, lowest done is US$3.98.



Yesterday, 01-05-12, last done US$4.64

Game for it?




Don’t Get Married To  ONE  Stock


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