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Proper English or Singlish, Singaporeans both also CAN!


I came across this sometime ago but forgot from magazine or newspaper or whatever.  I reproduce below for reminding us to speak PROPER English:

10 Mangled Phrases by Helen Marjan from Lorna Whiston Schools:

1 Eat yourself Feed yourself
2 Wear your shoe Put on your shoe
3 On/Off light/tap Turn on/off the light/tap
4 I very urgent I need to go to the toilet soon
5 Can borrow me S$5? Can you please lend me S$5?
6 Why you so like that one? Why are you behaving like that? What is the matter?
7 Faster go! Go quickly …
8 Don’t do that, wait later you fall down Be careful or you’ll fall
9 Done, finished ‘already’ I have (already*) finished
10 Sheeps, gooses and mouses Sheep, geese and mice


*The word “already” can either be placed in the middle or at the end of a sentence.  In this case, it may be better omitted; the word is used too often in Singlish.

What’s wrong with Singlish ah?  Singlish is Singlish and English is English.  It’s entirely 2 different languages.  Singlish has evolved because we are ‘forbidden’ to speak dialects.  Singlish got hokkien, malay, english, etc all mixed up like rojak, to form a multi-language.  And eventually, dialects will be ‘died’ and spoken in heaven.

Sooner or later, it will be accepted as a language.  Imagine, the ang moh, cina, foreign talents who put their foot here or want to do business with Singapore, an internationally recognised successful and reliable small little red dot,  also want to learn Singlish.  Hello, not we force them to learn hoh.  This is our culture, full stop.  They want to learn so to become one of us.

So, teachers, please don’t belittle Singlish.  Don’t tell your students that they have answered wrongly.  Instead, instruct them before hand to reply in English not Singlish or Singlish not English or English + Singlish!  Our children definitely can give you impeccable English or hilarious Singlish or 2-in-1, your choice.


Remove limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful ones!


Daily Journal, For Our Children, Little Red Dot, Thoughts....

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