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Where is STI Heading?


Ivan Koh has updated the STI Charts, a guideline to follow, thanks man.


The left chart is weekly whilst the right is Daily.  If you want a bigger chart, right click your mouse.

The words in RED is :  Possible next 3 to 6 mths’ trading zone and I interpreted it between 2900 and 2800.


Some interesting and intelligent comments by Derrick Tan, my facebook’s friend:

….One of the most important lessons any trader/investor can learn is when to stay out of the market altogether. Remember, when u stand on the sidelines-that’s a position too!


…..Generally, stocks fall 3 times faster than they rise. Why? Fear is a stronger emotion than greed. Panic causes traders/investors to sell even more quickly than optimism entices them to buy.




Daily Journal, For Our Children, Smart Money

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