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My Cost-Free ‘NFC capabilities iphone’

August 13th, 2012


About a month or two ago,  my eldest son commended his mum, that’s me, for being very techno-savvy and that I had already started using NFC on my iphone way before it’s officially available on iphone.

Hah, what is NFC ah, I asked innocently.

NFC is a short range wireless communication technology that transmits data between a mobile device and a reader.

Hah, I still didn’t get it leh.

Then, he explained in auntie-IQ term, that you made payment through your iphone which acts like a ‘wallet’, but of course lah, must be loaded with S$, in my case.

I do know, by nature,  I am indeed creative and innovative and wah say, I have accidentally created new ‘technology’ which requires ‘zero $’ development cost and lagi best,  doesn’t need you to pay a service charge or invest some sim card to start off with or worst still, need to invest a new phone with NFC capabilities.

Let me generously share with you my ‘product’!

So, whenever I go outing, I either miss or don’t miss 2 items.  But it’s worth running home to get  2 missing items than 1, right oh.

The below technology created with $$$$$$$ of development costs involved, needs you to cough out $$$ to enjoy it.

On 4th August, Straits Times reported that:

“From the end of August, consumers can pay for purchases at retail outlets and taxi fares with mobile phones that are equipped with near field communication (NFC) capabilities.

The new payment service, which is developed by a consortium that includes Gemalto, EZ-Link, DBS, Citibank, SingTel, StarHub and M1, effectively turns your mobile phone into a wallet, which comes with credit, pre-paid or stored-value payment options.

Over 30,000 retail points around the island will accept the new NFC payment service at its launch.

Retail outlets such as Watson’s, G2000 and Fruit Frolic, along with taxi company Comfort Taxi, will be among the first to adopt the new mobile payment service.

Besides a phone with NFC capabilities, the service will require a NFC-enabled SIM card that can be obtained from the three Singapore telcos.”


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Daily Journal, For Our Children, Thoughts....

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