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Haha, I took photo with our PM, Mr Lee Hsien Loong!

October 13th, 2013


Last night, I attended the Siglap Garden Party at Bedok Ria Playground,  near my place.


Our PM was mobbed by us. He had already mastered the highest level of tolerance, very zen. 忍功超级强。The session, he had no room to walk leisurely. He had to inch himself.


Poor Prime Minister! That showed how much we wanted to be with you and loved you too.


I had no opportunity to take photo with my most admired idol, your papa, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.   I definitely must take one with you. When the organiser announced that no more photo session as PM had over-run the time for the next event, I outspokenly said that if I don’t take photo with Mr Lee today, I will not have another chance to take with him. So, I had my way, wahaha. I was on cloud nine.


Shenton was there helping. Surprise!














Behind me, is the worm bin.  You put your raw vegetable waste into the  lst and 2nd layer. In the 3rd tray, you put the red worm. The worm will consume the waste and pee.  You open the tap to collect the pee to fertilise your plants.  Organic izzit nit? 

We learn to re-cycle!  Understand, the bin costs around $200+. 

I think we can make one.  Only thing is where to get the red worm?


Shenton!  What a surprise!


Daily Journal, Great Leaders

Gadelius-eans 2

October 13th, 2013


 Family Members (Singapore and Indonesia)

 Jerry Tan so fortunate to have so many families! Jerry 真本事,老婆唯一仅有别类的家庭!


Mr Sia on the left.  So Lovey Dovey! 真受不了!


 We are sisters!  姐妹情深!


 Christine and Loe Kok Weng


 Men’s Talk 男人聚 在一起,有什么好谈,您说?


 Loe Kok Weng act cute! 不要装可爱了!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 3

October 13th, 2013


Four Beauties!  世界没有丑女;只有懒惰女人!


 Another Family Photo! 还没轮到我leh!


Same height, same smile 好开心


 Long time no see!  好久不见了!


 Juliana!  今天我才认识您!


 Handshake after a fight?  天下和平!


Scouting around!  来来 去去,世界还非常混!


Still wanna fight? 我不知道他们是谁?


I think everything ok liao by now!  Catherine, 无间道, 把他搞定!


 Unbelievable!  Angela Heng 好象不相信oh!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 4

October 13th, 2013


 Kristanto on the left?  Mickey Seah on the left of Helen. 还是一样, ‘Dirty Doctor”


Plenty of Food!  别节食了,今天吃饱饱才来打算!


 Mr Ng!好象 MP"派淘",Helen 受不了!


 Group photo! 在等吃!


 So hungry! 还没轮到我们啊?


 Wah, Open Ceremony ah!  这一招要好好跟他她们学习!


 Jerry ganna reprimanded . 这么啦,我哪儿做的不对啊?


Haha, care less!  我们寻开心吧!


 Group photo! 雨过天晴!Heng ah.


 Chris How, you so biased leh.  How come I hardly appeared.  我们也寻开心吧!


 Our turn liao!Wah, 我们也ganna!Wah cow.


 Joan can’t take it anymore! 别讲这么多废话!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 5

October 13th, 2013


 ‘MP” Ng also has to pay his share, otherwise, corruption case!  这样才对吗!


 Happy to see you here!  好久没见了!


 Magnifying the food!  看清楚!等一下,chiong ah!


 We know one another!  我认识你,我也认识他!


 My back view!  好看吗?


 Any story behind this scene!  这俩位,有什么什么吗?

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 6

October 13th, 2013


 Angela and Juliana!  吃这么少!怪不得这么苗条!


 Thorn amongst the roses!  成功的男人有四位美女撑着!




 Nice and delicious food! 真贪吃!


  Nice shot! 笑的很灿烂!


 Connie contributed the fruits! 好新鲜,我拿了几盒回娘家!


 No food for Mr. Ng? 没的吃!


 Story-teller William Chan!  长扁大论!


 Cheng! 好久不见了,你好吗?


Ex-lovers I think!  很好抱!
 Why I no hug hug?  很好抱!为什么她没抱我?


 K C Wong and Mr Seah.  哎呀,抱男的啦!


 All hunks!  美男!


 Mr Ng’s tummy showing liao!  K C Wong 很爱上镜!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 7

October 13th, 2013


 Helen, Mr Wong and ?  又来了, Mr. Wong.


 Stephen in the middle.  三位男士!


 Angela and Helen.  有什么complaint,快说.


 William and Mr. Ng.  我有在听啊!


 Suzanna, Juliana and ?  哇!你还在吃。


 Andy Koh in red!  Jimmy, 没有人看见您偷吃?


 Jerry and Jimmy (J n J).  我们是好兄弟。


 Anthony Yim in white shirt!


 We meet again!  曾经是同事。


 Jerry and his two daughters!  别怕,老豆给你们撑腰。


Kheng FC, the handsome one!  这个KFC kiam pak。敢敢 忘了我是谁。


 Elsie Tham on the left!   我们又重逢了!


 Alice, Chen, Jimmy, Steven and Calista.  拍的挺自然。


 They are from different divisions.  四位女将。


 Mr. Hong in red, my ex-boss.  我的ex-老板,壮如泰山。


Christine and Suzanna act cute lol!  有装模作样。


In discussion mode.  谈什么生意?


 Cheng and Eliza!  哇!你最年轻!


Gadelius got so many char boh!  Gadelius 的 美女最多!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

Gadelius-eans 8

October 13th, 2013


 Smiley faces!  笑嘻嘻,不知脑汁想什么?


Activities under the umbrella!


Big bosses photo-taking  老板福相


Activities in the hall.


In 2s. 二人照。


In 3s.  Lee Thiam Hock on the right. 


Food still aplenty.  Gone are the days! We are hungry not for food but love!  太多食物了!


Thorn amongst the water lilies! 不错,这位先生好有吸引力!


Mr. Chee! 


 Helen underage, cannot drink wine!   Helen 偷喝酒!


 C Y Chan taller by the years!   也长也高!


 Manfred Fan on the right.


 Manfred and Christina!  这瓜也在讲废话!


Gadelius-eans 9

October 13th, 2013


Discussion under the sky!  在没星星的夜里……


 Steven and Lee Thiam Hock from Service Dept.


 Why Mr Ng so sulky leh!  什么事故啊?


 Tan Chin Tiong at last!  Andrew Khoo wants to see you in photo.  Tua Pai loh 最后才出现!


 Helen checking human-inventory.  这个 char poh 还在做工!


 Wah, what are they waiting for?  她们在等好讯息!


 Everyone receives a yellow envelope?  我们拿什么成绩单?


 Mark Chew in the middle.  I can’t recognise him.  我忽然失忆,忘了他是谁!抱歉


 Mr. Chee KH.


 These are seniors!  逃避不了现实!


 Mr Hong and Mr Loe.  我们本来就是好友!


 Tay Choon Mong!  就是他在派成绩单!


 Everyone excited!  大家在惊张什么?


 Suzanna and Mr. Hong.  你级格吗?


 Catherine Loh!  我没有把握勒!


 Gentlemen in conversation.  没问题的啦!


 Calista 很担心!


 Waiting for next programme!  混染时段。


 Mr Lai Nyu in blue t-shirt!  






 Catherine, 还在吃?


 Eliza’s hubby’s ex-colleague.


 Judy Chow!  除了头发,什么都没变。


 3 good friends!  好友!


 3 goods friends? 好友?


 Wah, 什么事?这么严肃。


Gadelius-eans 10

October 13th, 2013


 Goodbye shots.  快拍,我们要散会了!


 Alice and Elsie Tham.  笑嘻嘻!


 Happy moments!  


 Eliza, Manfred, Connie and Richard Sng.  他发福了。


 All beauties photos.  美女照。


 So happy!  好像小女孩们。


 All Males!  小男孩们在拍照。


 All girls!  小女孩们在拍照。哪俩位是男还是女?


Class Photos!


 Service Department


 Pump Division


 This is class photo? 


 Accounts Department


 Accounts cum Shipping cum Personnel cum Store cum Admin Dept


 Machinery Dept


 Laundry cum Kitchen cum Medical cum Drafting Dept


 These ex-colleagues had left us:
Francis Ong
Thomas Er
Don Lee
Ah Har




The End!



We shall meet again!

Take Care and Happy Always!  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff!