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October 16th, 2013

Family Members (Singapore and Indonesia)


After over 30+ years of MIA, we finally met 50+ of of 92 Gadelius Family Members found, on 5th October 2013.


Many thanks to Jerry Tan, Helen Teng and Christina How for the great effort and time to scout for the members and the extra overtime put in to make the gathering very successful.  Helen and Chris How still  Gadelius good and strong Swedish Workoholic Queens, Bravo!


We can recognise most of us, be it our good ‘buddies’ or ‘foes”,  你自己心里有数 , haha!  Very exciting to see everyone looking GREAT!  At this point in time, we do not measure GREAT by how rich or successful you are, rather, how great we have lived our lives and how zen we are thus far!


The timing of finding us is PERFECT, that’s why the fantastic turn-up.  We are past the time of  busily building our careers and taking care of our young families.  Now what we have is PLENTY OF TIME and Money is no more an issue, I hope and believe.


By the way, thanks to this gathering.  I have revived my website!


Showcase of our gathering! Those who miss it, really miss it, heart pain! lol


  Early Birdies!  Joan, Alice and Helen


   Lagi One More Early Birdie! Chris How


 Jerry Tan with 3 home-coming ‘daughters! 老豆 迎接女儿 回娘家!




  Wah, ‘Guinea Pig’ leh! 有吉事? 可能要娶儿媳.


 Who is hungry to marrying off lst ah! 在讨论谁应该嫁出先.


  Jerry’s wife, very happy with the 4 ‘daughters!  看见女儿多愉快!


  Of course is Joan loh!  Look at her smiley face! 原来是她很想嫁出去!


This suckling pig is delicious!


   Lovely ‘family’ photo 满爱感觉.


  Someone must be telling a great joke. 不知道我们在笑什么?



 Christina Ng dowry-inventory checking.
Alice & Lynn happy with the outcome.  媒婆在点货.


  Michael reminiscing the old days!  有没有告不得的事情?


  Ladies from different divisions in meeting.  Catherine, Helen, Suzanna.  Relax lah, like me and Joan.


  Jimmy Ng!


  They still look young and promising!  年轻有为, 还有 battery!


 K C Wong young at heart!  有气!


 Joan munching keropok?  她在偷吃!


  Suzanna Ho kaypoh lo! 她在望什么?


 Enjoying Bean Curd and Beer! 豆腐好吃,啤酒好喝!


 Suckling Pig! 乳猪,我喜欢吃!


  Lynn is Jerry’s Ga Soh = 家嫂.  William Chan is sitting on the right.


  Are we in the same boat? 女人心,海底针!


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