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Gadelius-eans 10

October 13th, 2013


 Goodbye shots.  快拍,我们要散会了!


 Alice and Elsie Tham.  笑嘻嘻!


 Happy moments!  


 Eliza, Manfred, Connie and Richard Sng.  他发福了。


 All beauties photos.  美女照。


 So happy!  好像小女孩们。


 All Males!  小男孩们在拍照。


 All girls!  小女孩们在拍照。哪俩位是男还是女?


Class Photos!


 Service Department


 Pump Division


 This is class photo? 


 Accounts Department


 Accounts cum Shipping cum Personnel cum Store cum Admin Dept


 Machinery Dept


 Laundry cum Kitchen cum Medical cum Drafting Dept


 These ex-colleagues had left us:
Francis Ong
Thomas Er
Don Lee
Ah Har




The End!



We shall meet again!

Take Care and Happy Always!  Life is too short to sweat the small stuff!



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