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Gadelius-eans 4

October 13th, 2013


 Kristanto on the left?  Mickey Seah on the left of Helen. 还是一样, ‘Dirty Doctor”


Plenty of Food!  别节食了,今天吃饱饱才来打算!


 Mr Ng!好象 MP"派淘",Helen 受不了!


 Group photo! 在等吃!


 So hungry! 还没轮到我们啊?


 Wah, Open Ceremony ah!  这一招要好好跟他她们学习!


 Jerry ganna reprimanded . 这么啦,我哪儿做的不对啊?


Haha, care less!  我们寻开心吧!


 Group photo! 雨过天晴!Heng ah.


 Chris How, you so biased leh.  How come I hardly appeared.  我们也寻开心吧!


 Our turn liao!Wah, 我们也ganna!Wah cow.


 Joan can’t take it anymore! 别讲这么多废话!

Daily Journal, Gadelius-eans

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