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Gadelius-eans 6

October 13th, 2013


 Angela and Juliana!  吃这么少!怪不得这么苗条!


 Thorn amongst the roses!  成功的男人有四位美女撑着!




 Nice and delicious food! 真贪吃!


  Nice shot! 笑的很灿烂!


 Connie contributed the fruits! 好新鲜,我拿了几盒回娘家!


 No food for Mr. Ng? 没的吃!


 Story-teller William Chan!  长扁大论!


 Cheng! 好久不见了,你好吗?


Ex-lovers I think!  很好抱!
 Why I no hug hug?  很好抱!为什么她没抱我?


 K C Wong and Mr Seah.  哎呀,抱男的啦!


 All hunks!  美男!


 Mr Ng’s tummy showing liao!  K C Wong 很爱上镜!

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