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Gadelius-eans 8

October 13th, 2013


 Smiley faces!  笑嘻嘻,不知脑汁想什么?


Activities under the umbrella!


Big bosses photo-taking  老板福相


Activities in the hall.


In 2s. 二人照。


In 3s.  Lee Thiam Hock on the right. 


Food still aplenty.  Gone are the days! We are hungry not for food but love!  太多食物了!


Thorn amongst the water lilies! 不错,这位先生好有吸引力!


Mr. Chee! 


 Helen underage, cannot drink wine!   Helen 偷喝酒!


 C Y Chan taller by the years!   也长也高!


 Manfred Fan on the right.


 Manfred and Christina!  这瓜也在讲废话!


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