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Haha, I took photo with our PM, Mr Lee Hsien Loong!

October 13th, 2013


Last night, I attended the Siglap Garden Party at Bedok Ria Playground,  near my place.


Our PM was mobbed by us. He had already mastered the highest level of tolerance, very zen. 忍功超级强。The session, he had no room to walk leisurely. He had to inch himself.


Poor Prime Minister! That showed how much we wanted to be with you and loved you too.


I had no opportunity to take photo with my most admired idol, your papa, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.   I definitely must take one with you. When the organiser announced that no more photo session as PM had over-run the time for the next event, I outspokenly said that if I don’t take photo with Mr Lee today, I will not have another chance to take with him. So, I had my way, wahaha. I was on cloud nine.


Shenton was there helping. Surprise!














Behind me, is the worm bin.  You put your raw vegetable waste into the  lst and 2nd layer. In the 3rd tray, you put the red worm. The worm will consume the waste and pee.  You open the tap to collect the pee to fertilise your plants.  Organic izzit nit? 

We learn to re-cycle!  Understand, the bin costs around $200+. 

I think we can make one.  Only thing is where to get the red worm?


Shenton!  What a surprise!


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