Who Am I?

July 29th, 2018


I am a very loyal Singaporean. So, don’t critizise My Country, My People and My Government.

Here are the   songs    to brainwash you!

National  Pledge

WE, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society,
based on justice and equality,
so as to achieve happiness,
prosperity and progress for our nation.

Personal Pledge

I, the citizen of Singapore, promise to
exercise daily for at least 30mins;
smile often whenever I meet people regardless
they are my friends, strangers or people who render me service;
work productively and creatively;
help the unfortunate;
enjoy every moment of my life;
love my family, friends and not forgetting the animals;
invest soundly and wisely;
insure myself with at least Medishield;
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity,
independence and age graciously into my golden years.

I survive by:

Life-line 1
:  Lobang Ah
, please contact me,Christina Ng, HP: 9730-6779 or email  to:
cnyan8@yahoo.com.sg. We can discuss.

Life-line  2:  Being a Lobang Queen.

Life-line 3:   Being a Long-Term Investor, also lah.  Financially independent is my forte.

Life-line  4:  Being Kaypoh makes me happy.

Life-line 5:   For having very good friends who are willing to share and contribute articles.

Life-line 6:   Music is one of the enjoyments in my life.  Thanks to Youtube and other sources.


This website is  created for me:

–  to store information so that I can refer to as and when I need it, whereever I am;

–  a place for me to express my feelings

Rules & Regulations visiting my Site

1)  You must read the contents with feeling as though you are the writer.

2)  You can comment but may not get a reply.

3)  You can suggest content but may not be accepted and published.

4)  You can send compliments but NO complaints.

All informations in my website are to the best of my knowledge. Do not think it can simply apply to you as, YOU ARE NOT A CARBON COPY OF ME.  Absorb the information with a grain of salt….





The Art of Saving! – Dedicated to My 3 Lovable Children

It’s easy to save but many people didn’t get it……. Ya, practically everyone saves but WHY IZZIT THAT many still feel MONEY IS NOT ENOUGH?

A  FAT PAY is a sure ticket to retire rich? NOT TRUE! Everything starts small and it will grow along. Just like we start at age 0 and live up to 108!

Learn the ART OF SAVING:

Rule No. 1 – Financial FreeDOM

Save 10% of your allowance, income, salary and die-die cannot touch this accumulation till the age of 60.

Imagine, if you have $2,000 as your salary. 10% of it is $200 and over 30 years with a lousy 5% yield, your return is S$167,426. See for yourself here

Hello, does your monthly income stagnant at S$2,000/-? Anything wrong with you or your employer? Sack him or sack yourself, find another better one. If your income increases, so is your savings! and if you learn the ART Of SAFE INVESTMENT, WHAT IS 10% RETURN! Please note REAL investors don’t take RISKS!

Rule No. 2 – Education

Save 10% for your education. Keep on upgrading, enhancing your current skill;  learn from GURU, learn from Mentor, learn another skill! Pick up a hobby! LEARN LEARN LEARN!

Rule No. 3 – Relaxation

Splurge 10% on things you love, every month. Go Spa, Facial, Massage, Golf, Scuba-Diving, Buy a Louis Votton Bag?. For bigger- ticket item, accumulate the monthly 10% and splurge on it at one go! SPLURGE, SPLURGE, SPLURGE & CELEBRATE!

Rule No. 4 – Long Term Saving and Spending

Save 30% for purchase of house, big item like LCD TV,  apple notebook, ‘orange’ ipod,  fridge, tours, etc

Rule No. 5 – Necessity

Use 35% for daily needs and bills, gifts

Rule No. 6 – Give

Use 5% to donate to the needy. If you wish to increase to 10%, then reduce your Necessity to 30%.

Rule No. 7 – Don’t Touch Your CPF

CPF is your golden goose.  Don’t kill the FAT goose for the golden eggs.  Keep it intact as much as you can.  Don’t use all to pay your housing instalments! You have to find ways to cut corners within the 90% (NOT ON FINANCIAL FREEDOM ). Use YOUR BONUS TO PAY DOWN YOUR INSTALMENT!


Rule No. 8 – Buy INSURANCE!

Please be responsible!  Buy insurance to protect your life and your family 不怕一万,只怕万一.  Luckily, nowadays, we have Medishield. But Medishield only cover big bills like $4,000 and above.  Anything below, S$4,000, you have to foot the bill.  So, cover this portion.

Of course, you will be so enthusiatic that you want to save 20%, 30% for Financial FreeDOM.  Fine, if you can scrimp from your necessity account but don’t tire yourself.  Else, there is no FUN saving and living!



The earlier you start, the faster you accumulate your wealth,积少成多. 

Glad, that my children are practising THE ART OF SAVING! but must always come back here to revise to perfect it. YOU MAY GO ASTRAY!

They only need to learn THE ART OF INVESTMENT to complete the 武林秘诀。 wahaha! 
















  1. Tomy Ng Chee Seng
    April 1st, 2008 at 11:02 | #1

    Interesting blog, Christina!!

    Now I understand how you managed your life. You have many aspects of your life which U care to share. Kitten story is refreshing & useful tip on way to connect with people.
    Tass certainly benefit much from your colorful life. BTW, I guess U R Hainanese lady?

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