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When to buy Wilmar?

April 15th, 2012

Readers ask me:  When to buy Wilmar ah?

Hey, if I can tell you accurately, I am Goddess and probably own a few bungalows at Sentosa Cove, my dreams and will be supporting a few charitable organisations.

I am investing to make some extra monthly pocket money.

I divide my capital into 4 types:

-CPF Life

-Insurances to collect premiums and protect my standard of living; By the way,  kaya and toast will do for me. And dont forget to invest on your Medishield, at least.

-Blue chips, bonds and reits to collect dividends

-Contra trading on stocks that had high volume and volatile.  Please contra some good stocks lah not ka chiam puteh stocks.   U might lose your pants and had to sell your body parts if they suspended trading. And no contra on  gambling stocks for me because I will gamble away my money, taboo.  U might as well go to the Casino to gamble on the spot, more exciting there.

I am short of rental income, a dream to realise.

Is it easy money to make?  The answer is a BIG NO.

You need hard work.  People who works diligently, consistently, intelligently, with discipline in everything you do and with passion normally has a brighter future and happier life.  And also, you must be kind and courteous and GOD will bless you.

Do you need to trade every seconds, every hour, every day?  I DO NOT NEED THAT.  In fact, I heard a real life story of a teacher who trade once or twice a year, made his money and is collecting rentals, on top of his salary.

I love tradng stocks, an influence from my dad.

But before you do trading, please read up profusely and attend courses.  Please attend ‘REAL’ courses.  I hope you know what I mean.

Trading is a specialist job too, like doctor.  We x-ray the stock and analyse the x-ray, that is the CHART. Too bad, our basic educations system doesn’t provide this subject, a setback.  So, many people lost money learning the experience and make the $$$$ later if they persist the investing.  Am I one of them?  Your Guess.

What price to buy, Wilmar?  I don’t know.  You can use volumes,  bollinger band, MADC, trends, fibonacci and or elliot wave, RSI, blah blah, blah  to check on it.

BUT, isn’t it attractive to keep an eye on it, analyse it upside down,  and see when it’s going to break out.

You don’t lose money, if the trend is UP.  You only buy a little bit expensive than other people and earn a little less.

You lose confidence when you catch it low AND  it goes further lower, you curse yourself.

So, how to catch the bottom bottom.  Don’t be GREEDY lah.  Make little less money better than losing right?

If you bay song this Wilmar, look for another one.  There are plenty of stocks out there waiting for you to pick, like wild flowers.

My 2 cents Worth of Investing.

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Auntie’s 2 cents worth of Investing – Wilmar Int’l

April 13th, 2012

Post-mortem Analysis:


Wilmar was HIGH S$5.99 on 16/02/12.

On 22/02/12, it suddenly zoomed down to $5.22.

Wah, a hefty $0.77 drops.  Good buy hoh.  Somemore got dividend to collect ah.

How much?  S$31 per lot, paying on 18-05-12.  So, I went in at S$5.17.

Is it the right time to buy?  I think not so but I still went in.  Emotion come into play.  It’s a good stock and it has dividend to collect but the low was on 11.04.12 at S$4.78.

Probably, you will say, we can never catch the low.

On analysis, I think we should be patient to let the drop settled the dust before we go in.

A loss of opportunity cost on my money.

What say you?  Your opinion, please.



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What Dubai Banking And Dubai Investment Means For Black Friday And Beyond

November 30th, 2009

What Dubai Banking And Dubai Investment Means For Black Friday And Beyond

By Dirk Van Dijk on November 27, 2009


Comment: This is another bullshit !  This is another conceited effort lead by US with his allied countries trying to scope monies from retail investors to finance their projects.  It was perfectly timed during Thanksgiving Day, dumping quietly and buying back at lows.  Who can con so well ?  Big Fish eats Small Fish !

The emirate of Dubai, one of the seven United Arab Emirates, has been perhaps the ultimate poster child of excess. It is the land of the palm-shaped islands and the indoor ski slopes in the desert. Now it looks like Dubai banking and Dubai investment are in deep over their heads.

The main investment vehicle of Dubai banking, Dubai World, has asked that its payments on $59 billion it owes be suspended until May, signaling to the financial world that Dubai investment is severely strapped for cash. Dubai is the one emirate that does not have any oil of its own, but it had expanded at a breakneck pace in an attempt to become the main financial hub of the Persian Gulf region.

This Dubai banking news has given the world markets a severe case of indigestion as we in the States digested our turkey and stuffing. The initial reaction, interestingly enough, was a further sell off of the dollar, but it has since turned around. World stock markets sold off dramatically after this Dubai investment news, with most of the major markets falling by more than three percent.

Emerging markets are also down, but surprisingly by less than the developed markets, more like a little bit more than 2% on average. Commodities have also been hit hard, including gold which is down by $31.90, or 2.69%. Oil is being hit even harder, down by more than 5.0% and below its $75 support level.

Normally, Black Friday has been an up day for the market. That is not going to happen this year. The big question is if this Dubai investment news is the first of a series of sovereign defaults, or is a one-off affair.

In the overall scheme of things, $60 billion is not a huge amount, but it is not pocket change either. It is not clear where all the bodies are buried with respect to this Dubai banking loan, although it is thought that European banks like Credit Suisse (CS: 52.25 -2.14 -3.93%) have a bigger exposure to Dubai banking and Dubai investment than do U.S. banks like J.P. Morgan (JPM: 41.33 -0.83 -1.97%).

However, that is just direct exposure. As we saw last year, indirect exposures can sometimes be much bigger than the direct exposures, as they can be magnified by derivatives. This injects a lot of uncertainty into the market. People pull back from risk, which this latest Dubai investment and Dubai banking news presents.

I would expect that many of the areas that have done the best since the March lows in the stock market are going to be hit hard today. If this does turn out to be a one-time thing, and if the other emirates step up to the plate and back Dubai investment and Dubai banking, this will prove to be a great second chance for those that missed the big move in the market. If it is the start of a trend, we could be back to last year all over again. The odds favor the former, but they are not overwhelming odds.

My guess is that the chance that this Dubai investment news and the resulting market sell-off in Dubai banking and elsewhere is the start of a second great implosion in as many years in the markets is about one in six. It is probably not going to happen, but sometimes when you throw a pair of dice, they come up as doubles (1 in 6 chance of that happening). Probably the best thing to do today is to sit tight and see how things have shaken out by Monday.

We will keep investors up-to-date on similar Dubai investment and Dubai banking news as it comes out

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When is the good time to buy, be it equities or properties?

July 23rd, 2009

When is the good time to buy?

A property cycle lasts 4 to 7 years,  likewise equities. You can enjoy rental and capital appreciation if your investment is in real estate.  Whilst for equities, you enjoy dividend and capital appreciation too.

Acquiring at the right price, right time, an appreciation of 20%  to 40% in value is achievable over a cylcle for real estate.

Appreciation on equities can be a couple of 10 to 15% over the year depending on your skill, discipline to take profit and cut loss and whether you have mastered to feel the pulse of the market just like your own heartbeat and listen to it ardenty in order to prescribe the right dosage to “lao sai” or “进补”.

Location, location, location is the mantra of those looking to invest in property. But what are the factors that make a good location?

For rental yield, proximity to International Schools, Marina Bay Sands, CBD, connectivity by MRT and road.

What about equities?  What factors constitute a good buy?  Fundamentally, the Company must be healthy and growing. Capitalization and Volatiliy are the deciding factors to ‘play’ it.  Good stock or bad stock, as long as it helps you to make money during bull or bear,  it’s a good stock.  ‘黑股’,’白股’,只 要 会 赚 钱 就  是 好 股.

For property owners, maintaining a debt service ratio of 20 to 30% of your income will be ideal as it allows some buffer for any rise in mortgage rates or any hiccup in your financial situation.

For equity players, phase in your investment capital. Likewise, collect your return in phases too.

Ensure that one does not overpay whether in real estate or equities. Get a bank valuation on the property before committing to avoid overpaying.   Use TA chart to assist you to make the  “correct” buy.

In some instances, just waiting a few months can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars.  However, the reverse is also true, one may end up paying more if the market suddenly turns up. It’s never easy trying to catch the bottom or ‘throw” at top of the market.

Property trading needs patience and skills.  Equity traders lagi need patience and skills to ride the up and down of the market’s roller coaster.


Those who can trade , trade.
Those who can’t trade , teach.


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Olam Int’l – wah lau, why nobody informs me?

June 2nd, 2009




Wah lau, Temasek buy Olam.  Why nobody informs me? 

Sleeping Queen.  Sleep in class loh.  Now, 11.57 am,  $2.30, buy ah?


Stock Illustration - witch dreaming  she is the queen.  fotosearch - search  clipart, illustration,  drawings and vector  eps graphics images


After effect Remarks:

Joseph Chin:   
So wat, inform you.  It’s too late.

Lim Tat Seng: 
When someone inform you to buy, means they want your money….
Better don’t inform us….

See, don’t gong gong jump into the big sea full of hungry sharks. “Month Month” Wait and see, see now at 10.11am on 3/6/09, Olam at 2.18.

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Learn from Experienced Trader

May 13th, 2009


The trend is your friend.  Trade what you see and not what you think and want.


Hard-Earned Money looking for Easy Money ?  For retailers, NO WAY!

In trading currencies, you are controlled by every broking house and they are market makers.  They never send out your trades at all – they makan..ed you.  If you get filled, you are at a disadvantage at once and depending on your luck next whether it goes your way or not !

They are like money changers in Change Alley with the best rates and yet you definitely lose out when you change money for your overseas holiday.


In trading futures, you are controlled by the big funds and hedged companies.  I don’t even want to talk about trading shares…… the syndicates are all there !


If you stay in the one and only one big bungalow, you are very wealthy.  But, if you sell it, you have no place to stay any more.  See the difference between rich and wealthy.


I hold many expensive Chinese paintings that I cannot sell in Singapore and can only sell in Beijing, I am real wealthy but I am almost penniless as I have not much cash left.


But still, WHAT I SEE IS WHAT I BELIEVE !  AND, I don’t need to know all those information that cannot make me MONEY !!


I have one buddy who is wealthy and like having buffets.  Every time, we go buffets, I end up paying as I am rich and he is wealthy !!!  Ha, ha !!


And so, better to be wealthy or rich ?  The choice is yours.  I just want to be rich and make my money mobile and walk into the night club freely.  Understand now ???  Wealthy BUT pocket bor rui !!! 


When he rushes to pay nasi padang for 6 for less than $40, he uses his right hand to dig into the left pocket to pay.


Your knowledge is NO LESS than what LKY knows.  The difference is his knowledge made him good money and YOURS have not much value to make the money like HIM !” 

Now, I want to tell you, “Your knowledge is MORE THAN what LKY knows.  But still, YOURS have not much value to make the money like HIM !”


I also know a few friends who think they have vast knowledge but yet they are heavily indebted…….


The difference between us is Your wealth of knowledge gives you WEALTH and My rich knowledge gives me RICHNESS……

So, I only expect rich knowledge and not wealth of knowledge.


The difference between Gambling and Trading thru’ the Chart is a very thin FINE Line.
That Fine Line is what we called Brownian Motion in Botanical studies.

Brown studied how a grain move in randomly when droplets of water is spilled onto the grain. That random movements were collected thru’ TIME which eventually produce a Right Angle Line known as Z of a Y-X chart.

Brownian Motion was a theory borrowed by Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein borrowed it and then the Theory of Relativity came about.

In Brownian Motion, we find the keyword “Random”.

Thus those who choose Trading as form of Gambling is becos the Traders who are saying and using this term “Random”.

Today ” Random” study is used to build Model by both Economists and some traders. One of those model is EMH (Effficiency Market H.).


Without the Chart or understanding of the Chart, we are purely gambling.


“Monkey see Monkey do” but let us be wiser than a Monkey where the need to see chart to understand price movement, etc.

Then seeing is believing how price move Not some guessing game known as Randomly. Randomly works with Longer Timeframe.


Gamblers like to know the probability using Random.

Like a coin being tossed thru’ many time against Time – which actually produce Brownian Motion.


Therefore, another example – poker’s players have Good memory of  the nos (Black or Red plus shape) that each player had displayed on the table and have to figure out randomly the balance of cards that each player is holding in their hands.



Thanks, Joseph Chin,

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Auto FX Review

May 7th, 2008

My friend, Shirley Wong, is managing Scorebot.  It’s a place where traders like you and I, mingle and trade together. 

Out of friendship, I will broadcast this time f.o.c. for them on their trading system called AutoFx.  They are conducting a preview tomorrow night.  So, those who are investing, this is another tool that can help you to grow your Investment Income.  Seeing is Believing.  Details are as follows.

AutoFx Preview

A Simple Set and Forget Forex System That …..Uses MACD Strategy

Averages per year +500 to +1000 Pips

Requires ONLY 1 – 2 hours per day

Includes a Metatrader Expert Advisor (Forex EA) for Auto-Trading

Did you know the EUR/USD pair moves in one of three predictable patterns each and every day?  After watching the Forex market for several years, 98% of all technical indictors are based on price movement.

If you need further clarification, call Jerome 6396-8116.

Date: 8th May 2008, Thursday and 13th May, Tuesday

Time: 7:30pm-10pm

Location :
18 Bali Lane (Behind Bus Stop along Ophir Road, Bus 48)
Directly Opposite Golden Landmark, facing Parkview Square
Bugis MRT, Exit B
Call 6396-8116


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Money is EVIL! Who says THAT?

May 2nd, 2008

Money is Evil.  Who says it?  The Rich, the Poor, the Loser, the Winner, the Sour Grapers?

These are the common blue-prints in our mind about MONEY!

  1. Money is Evil
  2. Rich people are unspiritual and filthy
  3. Rich people are dishonest
  4. Money doesn’t buy happiness
  5. It takes a lot of money to make money
  6. I don’t need so much money, it doesn’t make me happy.  U SURE?
  7. We don’t want to be slave to money? Idiotic right, then make it works for you!

Our sub-conscious mind, the little voices inside us, has been reminding us of the above because we were conditioned since young by people surrounding us; our parents, relatives, friends, culture, media,

What is Money?

  • a promisory note
  • a piece of paper, now, a piece of plastic too
  • freedom of choices
  • accumulation of future choices
  • to exchange other values

 I ADORE  money, I WORSHIP money and I LOVE for money!  You won’t get INSANE and INHUMAN craving for Money. 

If you despise the 5¢, accumulate for me and call me 9730-6779, I will collect from you. Love every single cent of it. You must LOVE money, then MONEY will be attracted to you. 

Even if you make a profit of 5¢, be grateful. Why, because, at least you are able to make the 5¢!. Congratulate yourself.  Step by step, you ascend the ladder.  Today, you make 5¢, tomorrow, you make 50¢. There, you learn to make 50¢. Subsequently, you make S$50,  S$500,  S$5,000! Singapore Dollars BEST.

Why do we want to make money?  It’s FUN.

Reasons of creating wealth:

  1. Lifestyle – for  me and my extended family.  You get more pleasure by providing for those you love!
  2. Contribution – It’s our duty, mission to get rich so that we can help the poor, unfortunate, the elderly, the dis-advantaged.

So, stop avoiding Money. Create a habitual to make money! Go and learn to make Money. Repetition is the mother of Learning.

Don’t get stress by reading this article.  Think over it but dont analyse, analyse until you become paralyse!

Advertisement Corner:

  • Be my reseller of Trek ThumbDrives (Singaporean Product). The ONLY partner who don’t ask about your educational level, your age, your sales quota and your financial status. The only requirement is : YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO ASK!

Morale of the Story – You have to be inspired, to buy and to sell in order to become RICH & GENEROUS!

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NZ$ at 1.0843 exchange rate with 8.35% Interest

April 24th, 2008

I love NZ$ fixed deposit, maybe because I have a good start with it. Last 2 weeks or so, the exchange rate was at 1.12 which I wouldn’t look at it at all.  Currently, the exchange rate is 1.0843.

If you have an account with the bank and you transact over the web, you can enjoy Tier 3 interest rate of 8.35% for 6 mths at Tier 1 principal amount.

Tier 1 Principal is NZ$10k to NZ$49,999 at 8.15% for 3 mths

Tier 3 Prinicipal Amt is NZ$100k to NZ$249,999 at 8.35% for 6 mths


Based on NZ$10,000 at 1.0843 = S$10,843.00.
Interest for the 6mths is NZ$417.50. (8.35%)
Let’s assume, on maturity, the exchange rate remains, i.e bank buy back at 1.0586.
If you take out the interest only and after conversion, your S$ interest amount is NZ$417.5 x 1.0586 = S$441.9655
Meaning your effective S$ interest rate is 441.9655 / 10,843.00 = 4.076%

However, if you wish to take out the principal and the interest rate, then
NZ$10,417.50 x 1.0586 = S$11,027.965 – S$10,843.00 = S$184.965/S$10,843.00 = 1.7% is the effective S$ interest rate.

BUT, what if the exchange rate increases?  Good Luck! What if it goes SOUTH, God Bless US!

Please note Exchange Rate changes EVERYDAY! 

Investing and Growing Money is a long term process.  This is not for quick money. But then, better then S$ Fixed Deposit!

Correct me if my calculation is “SALA”.

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Two easiest way to make money in stock market?

April 23rd, 2008

There are two easiest ways to make money in stock market.

Scenario 1:

You went into the market and BUY and you strike gold, even without coming out with capital.  Why?  The market is on the upward trend, BULL market., Cheong AH! Easy to make money right?  You buy 1 lot and you make $300 easily.  Imagine $300 x say 22 days, it’s S$6,600/- a month effortlessly.  I ever made S$15,000/- within 1 week in contra situation, meaning you don’t even need to come out a single cent.  I can use $100,000 to generate a volume of $1,000,000/- Fantastic right!  Getting greedy already.  So, dig all your savings and stake onto the market.  Well done! 

Next, the market needs a rest, tumble say 3%.  What happen?  Fund Managers offloading but the Uncles, Aunties, Newbies, Ah Gong and Ah Mah and also some experienced investors still buying leh because they believe market will still go up. YES and NO.  YES because the BULL hasn’t finish the marathon.  NO, the BULL has reached the finished line.  But, the market needs more time to rest, what happens?  Some, over invested, using margin, borrowed monies, don’t have the muscle to hold it, SELL or being FORCED-SELL by your remisiers.  So, all your profits wipe off.  On top of that, you lose your pants! And the cycle keeps repeating.

Scenario 2:

Market is damn depressed, BEAR Market.  Even fund managers are holidaying. Newbies after reading newspaper articles that so many people making market in the stock market went in.  Make money?  YES AND NO.  Why?  The prices are like SINGAPORE SALE, LELONG LELONG.  So, you buy and make some money right? Your heart become “tham sim” (greedy), easy money wat! So, you increase your stake.  The market hasn’t got a clear upward trend yet.  It might slump further, up to the BEAR.  If you use margin, GOOD LUCK TO YOU.  Do you have the guts to swallow the losses or the muscle to hold it?

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