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Adoption For Dog

April 12th, 2012


Warrior Lim is looking to adopt  a puppy. breed – Jack Russell.

Please contact him @



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Sweetie is looking for a home filled with love

June 16th, 2008

Chris, one of my website readers has asked me to find a home for “sweetie”, a manja ginger-stripped girl.  Pictures below:

sweetie3.jpg  sweetie1.jpg  sweetie2.jpg 

Sweetie is about 10 to 12mths old, already sterilized.

Personality : Very trusting, fun-loving and loves to have human companion.

Chris very much like to have her but her hands are full.  She has 3 “boys” and 3 “girls”.  She is active in sterilizing the community cats in her neighbourhood.

Those who are interested to adopt Sweetie may wish to contact chris at

When you shower love, you will feel loved.  Be a responsible cat owner liken to a responsible parent.

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I had adopted a “daughter”

June 13th, 2008

 coco1.jpg  coco-tiger.jpg

 Coco, my adopted “daughter”

 Coco “Lee” & Tiger “Wood”

 coco21.jpg  cotigervshape.jpg
 Intelligent, Leggy and Inquisitive

 Worlds Apart!

 cotigerholdhand1.jpg  waitpatiently4food1.jpg

 Good Companion Indeed!

 Well-mannered “children”

 crissxeating1.jpg  fight4food1.jpg



After having Tiger, I felt in love with cats all over again.  I adopted Coco on 13th April 2008 at 9.18am.  Thanks again to my sis-in-law, Yvonne, a uber cat lover and Penny of Yishun who fostered her and took good care of her till Coco found her home.

Coco was about 4 months old then and older than Tiger by probably 2 months.  Could be due to her childhood trauma, she is always ready to pounce, jump and run to “escape” from whoever wanting to get near her.  She took almost a month or so to settle down but still wary of all the MAN in my family. 

Coco and Tiger’s character are worlds apart.  Tiger acts like a MCP (male chauvanist pig).  You touch him, he moves away, very “大男人派”.   But when you hug him tightly, he feels “shiok” and wants more love from you. You call him, he doesn’t “return” your call, oblivious to everything except Food and Play!

Coco is different.  You call her, she will somehow respond and move towards you and give you an inquisitive look as though she is saying: “Yes, what can I do for you?”.  I feel that she is very human, 有人情味。When I wash their bowls, she will quickly climb up the sink and get involved, touching the tap water, “kaypoh” like my girl, Ting.

She will touch you and engage you to play.  So, how can I not love her. Hee hee, somehow I have a soft spot for girls. She is intelligent, very “athletic”, leggy and a picky eater too, exactly  like my girl, Ting.  

 My “children” are well trained.  They will sit and wait for food to be served.  Tiger will immediately sink his head into the bowl regardless of what you put in and eat gluttonly.  Coco is different and intelligent.  She will wait and see.  She knows that after the dried food is served, sometime  “extra” will be added next.  And when she finishes her “extra”, she will look up to you and say “Hello, can you top up, please ?”

However, they are very good buddies, good-natured, good-looking and kind cats, very like my children, 卖花赞花香!

These “children” change our lifestyle suddenly.  Everyone in the household is busy selecting baby food, toys, toiletries….. Any topic about these “children” with our other extended families with “these” children are talk of the town.

Yesterday, I relunctanly sent Coco for an operation, sterilization. I believe Coco can produce beautiful kittens but we must be responsible “parents”.  These “children”  already zap alot of our time and money.  I don’t think we can take in more.  Their quality of life will be also affected too and love will be spread thin.

This made me reflected on the “two-children” policy implemented by our government during our early stage of independence.  Without this policy, probably, today we are cheap labour, enjoying cheap standard of living, don’t need foreign workers and talents. We turn into one. This policy works but of course, there are setbacks too. But, aren’t we better with it?

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Like Master! Like Pet!

April 5th, 2008


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I think when you own a pet, very often the pet’s personality and character traits more or less, take after the Master.Take the case of my lst pet, Jackie the Corgi.   We promised our son a dog if he passed his PSLE. $1,000 flown off from our pocket for the sake of keeping our promise.Jackie is very handsome, intelligent, kind, honest & adorable, just like my son.  Jackie is short, just like my son but luckily he is taller than his ‘Baby’ (girl friend).  When you scold Jackie, he will give you the pathetic look, just like my son.  Jackie knows how and when to ‘keng’, just like my son (but his intention always valid one)

My sister-in-law and mother confirmed it.  On two separate occasions, they were at my main gate and Jackie was lying on the front door just staring at them.  But upon detecting my footsteps, Jackie immediately barked loudly. They said my dog very ‘sak-bak’ meaning: know when is the right time to action. Whilst my son will always love to offer his help but before he begins, he will tell you he goes  “pang-sai” (bomb the toilet) lst. By the time he appears, jobs completed.

We adopted a kitten, Tiger, for coming to a week.  Another handsome, very adorable, intelligent and very independent kitten, just like my second son. He is very independent since young. He doesn’t want you to chauffeur him around.  He can make his own ways. Tiger loves to clean himself, just like my son loves to clean his own room. Tiger has long legs just like my son.  He is the tallest in our family. Tiger is very playful, he can ‘cheong’ from one end to other, sometime endangering himself, exactly like my 2nd son. Well, it’s only a week and so much similiarity. All my pets are SONS!

What’s next?. ‘Daughter’ pet for my daughter. Wahaha!

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Why Jackie? …. Why Tiger?

April 3rd, 2008

tiger-02-apr-08-005.jpg              Trek ThumbDrives Promo

 tiger-02-apr-08-001.jpg  tiger-02-apr-08-013.jpg   tiger-02-apr-08-004.jpg
 tiger-02-apr-08-005.jpg  tiger-02-apr-08-015.jpg  tiger-02-apr-08-016.jpg
 tiger-02-apr-08-014.jpg  tiger-02-apr-08-008.jpg  tiger-02-apr-08-007.jpg

Above are the lovely shots of my darling kitty taken by my professional photographer, Fukie Nyan.

I named my little kitten, Tiger.  My previous Prembroke Corgi is called Jackie. He went missing!:cry:

When I was a little girl, I aspired to be an actress.  But, back then, parents had this thinking that being actress is not a proper job.  Besides, no one spotted me loh!    Maybe, I can try now, to become “mummy san” actress and be the most popular STAR.  Let me consider ……

My 3 children definitely will not take after my idea to become actors and actress. 

So, my pets will fulfill my dream at least with their names after famous people!  My Corgis is called Jackie “Chan”, the famous Kung-Fu Fighter and now, my kitten is called Tiger “Woods”, the best golfer in the world. They are boys. Next round, I should get a girl pet and I will probably name her “Gong-Li” or Jennifer “Lopez” or Ayumi “Hamasaki” or Fann “Wong”.  Wahaha!

Enjoy ‘consuming’ my Tiger!

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I have a baby “son” !!!!

March 31st, 2008

On 30th March 2008, 1.38pm:

I am in cloud nine!  My family becomes so excited.  It’s so difficult for my children to show love liberally.  But now, the scenario changed totally.

We adopted a kitten.  He is so adorable.  You just feel like hugging him non-stop. He has that pair of lovely, kind eyes just like mine (how lian), haha.

Very handsome, feel like swallowing him up.

The kitten was initially very terrified.  Hiding behind the piano.  Almost wanted to call him ‘piano’ kitten.  My hubby carries him like holding a baby. Wah, now I have to share my hubby’s devoted love with my kitten! Ok lah, the more you share, the more you receive. Hee Hee, Law of Attraction! 

I saw the other side of my 2nd son.  He suddenly becomes so ‘father’ or ‘lover’ showering  love , displayed on his face that I have not seen before, to the kitten.  No wonder after a brief 3 hours of hiding, the kitten becomes so comfortable and started playing, and feel at home.

I quickly  invited 2 of my ‘terrible’ cat-lover sisters-in-law to come over, on the pretense of dinner at my place. Wah, they give me so much advice and generously give me cat goodies , food, toys, utensils, titbits…..  How nice they will give me life-time supplies. wahaha! Hello, are you there?

 By the way, here is a cat story. When I was very young, we lived in those 3-storey shop house at Hylam Street, now becomes Bugis Junction.  There were many cats moving freely in and out of our houses (we have 2 shop-houses) and the females always ended up pregnant giving birth to kittens.  I personally witnessed the birth of kitten but the memory already quite faded.

One day, my granny instructed me and my older brother to carry a box of kittens, I recalled about 2 weeks old to dispose at the community centre. Poor us, we sobbed non-stop all the way to the C.C probably about 500m metres away from our shop, reached the C.C. make a U-turn and sobbed all the way back to our shop.  As the cat population is growing rather fast, my granny had no choice but to ask my dad to drive them to the nearby seaside, I think, now reclaimed, probably buidling the Marina IR Resort.

I better stop now.  A lot of works behind time.  I need to think of a  name for my ‘son’.  Please give me some names for my consideration. Tonight, we will have a family conference to brain-storm a name for him.

Photos will come later.  Getting a professional photographer to capture him.

By the way,  I must thank Jasmine who spotted him at a petrol kiosk, homed him and toilet-trained him for a month.  Jasmine has 11 cats. Thank you Jasmine! I love you!


P/S Maybe longing for a grandchild to play play!

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