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Singapore Transport Master Plan 2013

October 17th, 2013


Singapore Transport Master Plan 2013


Mai Tiam Tiam complain!  View the video to see for yourself what is in store for you and your children!


Great projects need time and resources to realise.  These plans are drawn up years ago not because you complain then they start working on it.


And who is going to carry out the construction?  You and me ah?  Of course is the foreign workers loh.  So, please appreciate them for building it for us.


Be patient and give the authorities peace of mind to concentrate on what they are doing BEST for the future of Singaporeans!


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这些年,我们一起穿红衣 with English Translation

August 13th, 2012











冯 天薇是乒乓神童,7岁就拿到黑龙江省第一,2002年夺得中国全国青少年锦标赛的女单冠军,同年入选国家青年队。可是,国家一、二队升降级比赛中,冯天薇 只排11名,与国家一队擦肩而过。不久后,冯天薇被诊断出患有心肌炎。2005年,她在教练的劝说下,放弃世界乒坛的最高舞台,去日本打职业球赛。两年 后,新加坡乒总教练挖掘冯天薇。5年来,新加坡投入资源继续栽培冯天薇,果然不负众望。如果她留在中国,可能永远进不了国家一队,更别说参加奥运会。新加 坡要为冯天薇的胜利领点功,当之无愧。


有 些新加坡人对我国昨天刚夺得的奥运乒乓组合铜牌和于2008年北京奥运会赢得的相同项目银牌也不认同,因为选手李佳薇、王越古和冯天薇都不是道道地地的新 加坡人。多数人认为,只有在1960年罗马奥运会夺得举重银牌的陈浩亮才真正是我国的光荣。可是,大家可能不知道陈浩亮其实1933年出生于中国汕头,也 是外来人才!














Let’s Wear Red!

Last Saturday afternoon, I saw many donned in red tops at Marina Centre.  I gathered they must be making their way to National Day Parade (NDP) preview. Over the past years, I have noticed many wearing red on 9 August. I do not think they are all going to be at the NDP, so I guess they are joining in the fun to indulge in the festive mood. It appears that Singaporeans have grown accustomed to associate wearing red with patriotism.

On the other hand, while the government is encouraging us to display the national flag during national day period and RC members have been walking the blocks to sell flags, the response has been mediocre.  Most of the national day decorations we see are put up by grassroots leaders.

Last week, table tennis player Feng Tianwei successfully clinched the bronze medal at the London Olympics. This marks our third Olympics medal in history, probably also the best gift for Singapore’s 47th birthday. However, some do not recognize this to be Singapore’s glory given that Feng was originally from China. Netizens even cast doubts on her loyalty to Singapore after she tossed her hand bouquet towards supporters from China.

Singaporeans who were in the audience later defended Feng, explaining that she joined the other medalists to toss the flowers towards the spectators just before they left the stadium and coincidentally, the Chinese supporters were seated in the vicinity.  Feng was not able to reach out to Singaporean supporters only because they were seated quite a considerable distance away.

Feng was a table tennis child prodigy. She seized the top spot in Heilongjiang province at a mere age of 7, was conferred championship in the 2002 Chinese national table tennis youth competition and was roped into the national youth team that same year. However, she missed her chance to be in the country’s top team when she was ranked 11th during the national relegation competition. Feng was later diagnosed with myocarditis. In 2005, she was persuaded by her coach to give up on the sport at the foremost platform and relocate to Japan to play professional table tennis. Two years later, Feng was discovered by the coach from Singapore Table Tennis Association. For five long years, Singapore pumped our resources to groom Feng to the rising star she is today. She might never be given the chance to make it to the first team had she continued to remain in China, not to say take part in the Olympics. Singapore can thus claim some credit to Feng’s astounding achievement and success today.

Some Singaporeans also do not quite recognize both silver medals won at this and last Olympics for the table tennis team competition.  This is because Li Jiawei, Wang Yuegu and Feng Tianwei are not born and bred in Singapore. It appears that the vast majority can only identify with the silver medal won by Tan Howe Liang for weight lifting during the Rome Olympics in 1960. However, most may not be aware that Tan Howe Liang was originally born in Shantou, China in 1933. He is also a foreign talent.

We all yearn for a national hero to bring glory to the nation, whose achievements we would celebrate and rejoice with pride. However, why do we accept Tan Howe Liang but not Feng Tianwei as one of us when both came from China?

Why are we donning red but not putting up our national flag?

This behavior is interesting yet complicated.

Perhaps Singaporeans are less receptive towards governmental intervention.

The current societal sentiment is akin to the phase of rebellious adolescence. The more the government tries to advocate, the stronger the societal push-back. Putting up the flag would mean responding to the call of the government, whereas wearing red is a personal choice.

Singapore was only a self government with limited resources when Tan Howe Liang brought our first Olympics medal home. In order to pay for the weight lifting training to fulfill his dreams, besides his job as a clerk at the Cathay organization, Tan also worked as a mechanic.  His tenacity earned us our first Olympics miracle.

Even though the foreign athletes attracted by our government do put in blood, sweat and tears, and there is a global trend of sports professionalization, it would still be more challenging for Feng Tianwei to gain the recognition of our people as she did not have the same grassroots appeal of Tan Howe Liang.

Perspectives need time to change, therefore our government should learn to be patient.

Wishing all Happy National Day.  Let’s wear red!


Happy 47th Birthday, SINGAPORE!

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Feng Tianwei – Our Bronze for Table-Tennis 2012 Olympics

August 3rd, 2012


Hey Tianwei, thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH for the medal which we direly desired and needed to put Singapore PROUDLY on the world map again.

What? Foreign Talent? WHAT are we complaining about?  Great Countries like America, Germany, etc who have  xxxxx times of people more than us, also use Foreign Talents.  So funny!  Why can’t they train their own citizens to represent them?

Feng Tianwei is a SINGAPOREAN.  Isn’t long long ago Singapore already filled with foreign talents.  Where are our grandparents come from hah?  Our PM’s great grandfather was a foreign talent too!

How many Singaporeans can make it to Olympics?  Very few right?

Why?  Because, we, ourselves, disallowed our children to join sports.  No future – 没前途 mah.

How many Singaporeans have the perseverance, tenacity, 坚韧不拔 and with unyielding spirit to persist till the end?  Only, people who can withstand harsh condition and tough training can make it.  CAN WE?  Think about it?  Not another 52 years!

Look at her resounding 4-0 win over Ishikawa of Japan.  She is so steady and cool with an unyielding spirit!


Tianwei never gave up her hope to go into final.  She fought so hard, a never-die spirit.  Although she didn’t make it but she gave China, Ding Ning a good and competitive fight.



We, Singaporeans, have yet to see this unyielding spirit, in us.  We are better of complaining and whining, haha!

BUT, nothing is static.  We can change.  Singaporeans are very adaptable!

Hope Tianwei has inspired us and we can excel too, if we have made up our mind to go for ‘it’.


坚韧不拔 – firm, tenacious and unyielding

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2012 National Day Theme Song

July 25th, 2012


Happy Birthday Singapore!  47 years of independence.  Our Country has grown stronger and more beautiful day by day.

All because, we are hardworking, thrifty, competent, honest and keep upgrading our skills (not material expenses), in tune with this harsh competitive world.  Once slacken, we are left behind.  Who will pity us, take care of us?  Instead, we will be trampled on.

Remember the common saying:  God will take care of those who take care of themselves.  So, we have to take care of ourselves.

If you want the sky, you have to work sky-high to reach the sky.  If you want the grass, then work grass-low to enjoy the grass.  So, stop being a complaint king or queen.  There is no free lunch in this world.  Sooner, no free air too, haha!

Buying branded goods and keeping up with the Joneses only temporarily make you feel ‘superior’ and thus boost your ‘self-esteem and confidence”.  You have to keep ‘re-fuelling’ it.

Does being practical and buying basic necessities make you feel inferior and lost your self-confidence?

We don’t need to feign.  You should be aware who you are!  You are capable, indeed you are!.  You are rich, so you are!.  You are poor, so what’s wrong!

Only the right frame of mind and the right attitude in life will help you to gain the everlasting respect and confidence.  With this, you will lead a peaceful mind and an enriched happy life!

Live within your means!  Be Yourself!


The richness in me, in my heart and in my head, not in my pockets! – Gac Filipaj

2012 National Day Theme Song – Love at First Light


Verse 1:
First light
Rolls across my peaceful isle
Mornings, I wake up, refreshed, renewed
Ready to meet the bright new day
So much to look forward to

Verse 2:
The city has stirred to life
Your smiles
Put a spring in my step
There’s a feeling that binds us one and all
Different stories, shared memories

I love my city’s lively ways
Warm sunny days
Sights and sounds, special tastes
That add up to this place
I love my friends, my closest ties
Now I finally realize
When it feels this right
You know that it’s love at first light

Verse 3:
Night fall, stars twinkling on the bay
My dreams can take flight if I dare
There’s a feeling that binds us one and all
We look forward to a brighter day


Hand in hand, we’ll find new strength
And see our dreams take flight in Singapore

Where ever we roam, there’s no place like home
Come what may, we’ll be here to stay
When it feels this right
You know that it’s
Love at first light

Music by: Iskandar Ismail
Lyrics by: Paul Tan
Performed by: Olivia Ong, Natanya Tan
Directed by: Aaron Tan Mien Shawn


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赢得民心,像泡潮州功夫茶 – Winning Hearts, like making Teochew Kungfu Tea

May 22nd, 2012







 By MP Baey Yam Keng







公 教中学的校训是“亲爱忠诚,敬业乐群”。我们求学那四年,学习一个人必须能爱他的至亲,再推己及人,兼及爱物,才能达成完美的人格。一个人要达成完美品 格,必须具备忠厚、忠信、忠直以及诚心诚意的品格,并以服务为本的精神,尽全力把工作做好,帮助别人,使他们的生活变得更好。












Winning hearts, like making Teochew Kungfu Tea

The PAP formed Singapore’s first independent government, which came into power in 1959.  In 1981, Jeyaretnam of the Worker’s Party won a seat in the parliament during the Anson by-election, breaking the 22-year record of a one-party parliament.

Hougang SMC was formed in 1988. During the 1991 GE, Mr Low Thia Khiang represented Worker’s Party and won a seat in parliament.   With last year’s GE results, Worker’s Party has established a stronghold in the Hougang constituency for 21 years.

During this upcoming Hougang by-election, Desmond Choo from PAP will be standing against Png Eng Huat from the Worker’s Party.

Desmond and I serve at the CDAC.  Through our interaction and media reports, Desmond comes across as a sincere and enthusiastic person.

We are also alumni of Catholic High School.  The motto of Catholic High School reads “Care, Honesty, Service”. During those four years in school, we learnt character development through loving your own family and extending your love to fellowmen and all living things. In order to thrive with a whole personality, one should be honest, sincere, faithful and imbued with other virtues.  The ability to serve springs from one’s recognition of being part of a community and one’s responsibility to his fellow human beings.

Last Sunday, a few of my parliamentary colleagues and I helped Desmond distribute campaign flyers to Hougang residents. I realised that most of these residents have already met Desmond and they have a good impression of him.  His efforts over the short span of over a year have yielded results.  Besides having met him, I hope that Hougang residents also like what Desmond is doing for the community.

I was transferred from Tanjong Pagar GRC to Tampines GRC on the eve of nomination day last year. The original candidate decided to withdraw from the campaign following a negative allegation by his ex-girlfriend. As a result, I had the opportunity to go through baptism of election fire.

Nine months after GE, former Hougang MP was implicated in an extra-marital tussle, but chose to remain tight-lipped about the scandal.  As a result, he was dismissed by the Worker’s Party. This led to the upcoming by-election, granting Desmond Choo a second chance to stand up for his residents.

During the political campaign, the election canvassing and incessant attention from both media and voters impose a tremendous amount of stress on the candidates, but these also serve as a useful learning experience, especially since the elected will be taking on the long road ahead.  Nine days of the campaign period is almost insignificant compared to the five years in parliament, representing the voices of the people.

Teochew Kung fu tea is one of China’s most ancient tea cultures.  The art of making, brewing and appreciating Kungfu tea demands exacting standards.  Breaking the ice with the residents, hearing their voices, attending to their needs and winning their hearts not only require relentless and undying efforts,  it is also an art that we cannot afford to take lightly.

Both Desmond and I are Teochews, “ga gi nang”. However, voters will not simply cast their votes to “ga gi nang”.  Some will look to the party that they could  trust, some will vote on national issues, others will vote for a better living environment.  Some will choose the best representative for themselves and their families.

Regardless of the factors taken into consideration and the outcome of the by-election, regardless of the party you belong to or support, let us not forget that we are all “ga gi nang”, we are all Singaporeans.


Make a diffeence to the lives of others!

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Proper English or Singlish, Singaporeans both also CAN!

May 18th, 2012


I came across this sometime ago but forgot from magazine or newspaper or whatever.  I reproduce below for reminding us to speak PROPER English:

10 Mangled Phrases by Helen Marjan from Lorna Whiston Schools:

1 Eat yourself Feed yourself
2 Wear your shoe Put on your shoe
3 On/Off light/tap Turn on/off the light/tap
4 I very urgent I need to go to the toilet soon
5 Can borrow me S$5? Can you please lend me S$5?
6 Why you so like that one? Why are you behaving like that? What is the matter?
7 Faster go! Go quickly …
8 Don’t do that, wait later you fall down Be careful or you’ll fall
9 Done, finished ‘already’ I have (already*) finished
10 Sheeps, gooses and mouses Sheep, geese and mice


*The word “already” can either be placed in the middle or at the end of a sentence.  In this case, it may be better omitted; the word is used too often in Singlish.

What’s wrong with Singlish ah?  Singlish is Singlish and English is English.  It’s entirely 2 different languages.  Singlish has evolved because we are ‘forbidden’ to speak dialects.  Singlish got hokkien, malay, english, etc all mixed up like rojak, to form a multi-language.  And eventually, dialects will be ‘died’ and spoken in heaven.

Sooner or later, it will be accepted as a language.  Imagine, the ang moh, cina, foreign talents who put their foot here or want to do business with Singapore, an internationally recognised successful and reliable small little red dot,  also want to learn Singlish.  Hello, not we force them to learn hoh.  This is our culture, full stop.  They want to learn so to become one of us.

So, teachers, please don’t belittle Singlish.  Don’t tell your students that they have answered wrongly.  Instead, instruct them before hand to reply in English not Singlish or Singlish not English or English + Singlish!  Our children definitely can give you impeccable English or hilarious Singlish or 2-in-1, your choice.


Remove limiting beliefs and replace them with powerful ones!


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A Salute to MM Lee Kuan Yew – A Great Man of High Integrity, Foresight, Vision and Perserverance

April 20th, 2012


I came across this video uploaded by Jasmine Tan.

Yes, MM Lee Kuan Yew and his team of loyal, honest and dedicated men made us so happening and so proud to be called SINGAPOREANS, so envy by people all over the world to the extent of jealousy.羡慕已了!  妒嫉已了!

Henry Kiong’s email footnote comes with this sentence:

After your thirst has been quenched, DON’T forget the source, YES, definitely a good reminder.



We LOVE Singapore!

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Happy Birthday to MM Lee Yuan Yew

September 16th, 2009

Happy Birthday to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

Every year, I wish you good health from the bottom of my heart and  this is my 2nd year expressing  it openly on my website.  And many many more to come.

We are here today is because  you and your great team have faith, fighting spirit, vision, leadership and corrupt-free.

We are lucky to receive education and further education, plenty of jobs created for us to work and a place we called home that is safe to live in.  Everyone is given opportunties to strive for better.

We have managed to live harmoniously amongst so many races and religions which I think the whole world is envying us now.

We are indeed very blessed to have you and your team to lead this nation, Singapore.   Of course, not forgetting Mrs Lee, a great pillar to our nation’s great man, the most admired one.

I am so proud to be a Singaporean.

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Singaporeans, haiz

September 10th, 2009


The Bizarre Behaviour of Singaporeans                                                                               
  – observations made by a German national who has lived in Singapore for 9 years.                                    

44 years of economic and material success have spawned some very strange behaviours among Singaporeans. 

They spent  ya  so much to buy a house or flat, furnished it up like a palace, but spent their time outside, most of the time at work.   And the maids are the ones enjoying the million-dollar or multi-million-dollar assets.

Then they pay so much, the highest in the world, for a car only to park at home.  Too expensive to drive, too many ERPs and car park charges to pay.  And they are encouraged to park their cars at home and take public transport,  being cheaper and more convenient.

And when Singaporeans travel, instead of seeing the places, they went shopping. The best part is that they would head for the cheapest bargains, buying stuff that they could get in Chinatown or pasar malam, at even cheaper prices. But they are still happy that they got a bargain.

And while the heartlanders are busy trying to make a life here, being told to bust off if they are not happy, which they could not, the rich and presumably very happy and contented citizens are buying up properties overseas just in case they need to make that escape from this paradise..

While many Singaporeans are thinking of jumping ship, or preparing to jump ship, hoards of new immigrants are rushing in to take their place in this paradise.

And to top it all up, they keep complaining about the govt and all the policies that they found unpalatable, but come every election, they will vote and return the govt to power.

What to do?  Most Singaporeans are so kaisu to lose face.  They have mistakenly led their souls to think that they are  successful only if they not only own a property but well furnished, own a car, many credit cards, branded stuffs and must travel overseas at least once a year.  That’s why Singaporeans spend most of their time slotting for the money and not the other way round, thinking how the money can slot for them or rather they don’t even have the spare cash to slot for them, because they bear more liabilities than assets.   There is no time left to breathe  life into their life and they become boring people but they blame the country is boring and so jump ship loh.

The government and the policies are good for the citizens and they know but they didn’t want to admit.  The vote tells the truth, else how can the government stays for 55 years and more.

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Music Video of Lekuasimi by Mr Brown Vs NDP09 What Do U See

July 29th, 2009



This video is very entertaining. For those who are not so techno and therefore catch no ball on the orginal National Day 2009 Theme Song, WHAT DO YOU SEE  by Electrico , try this down-to-earth version, LEKUASIMI by Mr. Brown (aka Lee Kin Mun)  and the band Electrician.

 Note:  Should you click play and no sound comes out, click the HD button.

All-Li-Gi-Ne Version of National Day 2009 Theme Song


NDP09 Theme Song – What do you see? (English)

Composition & Lyrics by Electrico

Verse 1:

There’s a jewel on the ocean,

a gem upon the sea

Where the future is an open book

A land of destiny

We could set our sights into the wind and sail the seven seas

or climb the highest mountain top as long as we believe

What do you see? What do you see?


See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come

Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun

With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring

What do you see? What do you see?

Verse 2:

Now the time has come to reach out,

To open up to see

That we stand together in this land

Cos we are family

As thoughts of reaching to the sky are carried on a dream

With hearts and minds united, our dreams we will achieve

What do you see? What do you see?

Chorus 2:

See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come

Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun

With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring

What do you see…


What do you see when life makes you take on a mountain

You’ll see that nothing’s gonna stand in your way

Together we can share

The strength of a million

and the courage of a million more

Chorus End:

See the moon and the stars, look how far we have come

Look around at our faces, they shine brightly in the sun

With our hopes and dreams, imagine what tomorrow it may bring

Cos the sky’s the only limit when you’re not afraid to dream

What do you see? What do you see..


H a p p y          B i r t h d a y         Singapore

I          Luv           U

Muak         Muak       Muak



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