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NDP Lobang Till 11pm on 28th July 2009, this Wednesday

July 27th, 2009

Want to win National DayParade(NDP) funpacks?  Each funpack comes with tidbits, Heart-shaped Lantern, Hand-shaped Drum and Face Tattoo, NDP DVD, ZoCard, discount vouchers and more.


Doesn’t it resembes the very expensive  Crumbler Bag? (没虾,鱼也可以啦!)

How to win?

Answer correctly the following question and get a chance to win 10 NDP funpacks:

Singapore celebrates its 44th birthday this year.  But how many years of self-government has it gone through?


(a)   40 years                        (b)   44 years
(b)   50 years                        (d)   54 years

SMS your answer to 77877 in the fllwg format:  myndp<space>answer<space>NRIC<space>Name

Each SMS msg costs 20¢, with mutiple entries allowed.   The deadline for entries is 11pm on Wednesday, 29-07-09.  Only winners will be notified.


Help the less fortunate in our society:

Contribute S$15 to Community Chest (ComChest) and get a special NDB 09 bag (funpack items are not included). Voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) under ComChest, together with Institute of Mental Health and Yellow Ribbon Project will be taking part in the celebrations by packing some of this year’s funpacks. Each funpack packed by these volunteers will be personalised with their greetings. In the funpacks, we will also include information of the various VWOs involved in the celebration to raise greater awareness.
Download donation form.


Music Video:  What Do You See



The greatest Joy………………………….Giving
The greatest loss…….Loss of self-respect
The most satisfying work…………….Helping others
The ugliest personality trait………….Selfishness
 The greatest ’shot in the arm’……….Encouragement


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Little Red Dot News – June 2009

June 18th, 2009


1) 02 Jun 2009:  Singapore was voted the most liveable city in Asia in the latest Woldwide Quality of Living Survey by Mercer.  The little red dot has risen 6 places in ranking of cities with the highest quality of living, surpassing famous cties such as Paris, Hononlulu and San Francisco.  Hurray!

The little red dot is the only Asian city on the top 100 list that managed to increase its ranking this year, with the rest largely maintainig their previous positions.

What makes Singapore ticks ah?  Of course, it’s the excellent housing, Marina Bay and Sentosa Cove as new waterfront living areas, good schools whether public, private or international, lol.

2) Total population increases to 4.84 million in 2008 –  Cheh, boosted by “import”.  Wah lau, what happens to Singaporeans?  Work harder leh.  Not in the office but at home.   Ai ya, never mind lah,  any race, any colours also can as long as they are good-natured beings.  No issue, so what it’s is “imported”.

Kaypoh News:
Chinese Star Jet Li is a Singapore citizen now.  Some more, he boosted up our economy by buying an almost S$20m property. See property marktet, where got die wan.

Wah, so many stars want to become Singaporeans.  Last year, Gong Li became Singapore citizen too.

SINGAPORE – indeed is the BEST from the rest.

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44th NDP 2009 Tickets’ Lobang

May 15th, 2009


Come Together, Reaching Out, Reaching Up


Being a Singaporean, have you been to the parade yet?  If you haven’t, you better try very hard, year after year,  to get the chance to mesmerise it live once in your lifetime.  You will walk away feeling very patriotic for that short period of time. haha!

Today, I am yet to see a ‘real’ one.  However, I am proud to say that I had involved in one i.e many many moons ago.   I participated in dancing on the padang.  I wondered you can rewind your memory and remember those pretty girls with short skirts and holding two straw feather dusters, dancing and waving the dusters upwards, sidewards, downwards, in all directions lah.

Next, I volunteered in my daughter’s school and brought them to see the preview.

So, now, I am going to apply, year after year, until I get to see the ‘real’ one.

How to apply for the 54,000 tickets? 

1)  Application opens on 16th May 2009 and ends on 25th May 2009 (10 days only ah).

2)  SMS:
Send “NDP”   to 8348-2680.  You will receive an SMS reply.  Follow the instructions and send the following in order:
               1)  Your NRIC Nbr
               2)  PARADE   or  PREVIEW   depending on which you want to catch
               3)  “2”,    “4”   or   “6”    depending on how many tickets you want 
               4)  “SG” if you are a Singaporean, or  “PR” if you are a permanent resident

     You will receive a final confirmation SMS containing all your details.  Local messaging charges apply.

DIAL    1900-112-4418    for tickets to the preview on Aug 1     OR
                1900-112-4498   for tickets to the parade on Aug9

                Follow the instructions as prompted.  You will be asked for your NRIC Nbr, citizenship, contact nbr & the nbr
                of tickets you want.
                You will receive a confirmation at the end of the telephone application process.

LOG  on to and fill in the online ticket application form. 

5)  Forms are also available at AXS and SAM machines.

6)  Look out for some contests that will give away free tickets to the PREVIEW   or   PARADE 

Apply in fewer tickets, your chances are higher.  So, get your whole family to apply.

SUCCESSFUL  applications will be notified by phone between June 9 and June 18.

There are 27,000 tickets for each performance, 54,000 tickets in total.


Come Together, Reaching Out, Reaching Up

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The AWARE Saga

May 3rd, 2009

Personally, I don’t know much about AWARE.  To my shallow knowledge, they probably help those victimised women.

From newspaper reading, though I didn’t read word by word, cause I think it’s wasting my time then, I deduced and decided that the OLD GUARDS of AWARE should win. 

How can the new exco members just walk in and take over an organisation built up over the years by the OLD GUARDS.  Where is the respect?  Even if the Old Guard is outdated, you can blend in and reformat it later lah? 真是没大没小,目中无人! Where were you when you were needed most?

If anyone has no respect for another person, I don’t think highly about him or her be he or she holding high position in socieity. So what?  In fact, he or she  is not suitable to provide service to any charitable organisation in the lst place.  There is no respect = no love for any one, only power they want.

Not only that, the new exco walked in and change everything 360 degree, doing things like changing locks and sacking personnels.  Isn’t this the characters of tyrant?  真是横行霸道!

If they are so good, why don’t they start afresh?

I am glad that Singaporeans know when to and when not act.  It shows that we “chap” and know when to “chap”.  So, we are not the ignorant lot that only know how to shop, eat and sleep. (吃,喝,玩,乐)  Well done!  This is the Singapore Spirit. Boleh!

And they spent S$90,000?  They are so educated, didn’t they know the rules and regulations?  You are not allowed to draw more than S$20,000 without the approval of the members?  Wah lau, working in financial institution some more!

It made me shiver again.  Is it the pot of gold in the organisation that tempt them to join so that later can manipulate like so and so… .  I don’t want to spell out because we were ardent donors of S$?000 per year and felt very disappointed.  Now, we donate direct into the hands of the needed.

The Singapore Government did the right thing, giving us a free hand to settle the problem ourselves with watchful eyes.  They are opening up a little bit at a time.

It is healthy to show support if something is not right but don’t end up like Thailand, Taiwan or other countries.  Support without brain like setting fire, killing one another like animals, damaging vehicles like hooligans.  What good have they done to their countries?

What I didn’t like is those present didn’t give the new exco a chance to  speak.  This is unruly and becomes un-democratic.  Since, we sure win, why worry they talk. They sure die die wat.  Hello, we are civilised people.  Don’t let emotion leads you.  Check your emotion once in a while.  Emotion can become CHAOS!

Anyway, I do feel sorry for the ex-new exco.  Don’t give up but you have a lot to learn …….how to deal with people.

Also,  somebody in the authority, please look into what is happening in AWARE.  Are they moving on the right track?

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Happy Birthday To MM Lee, 16-09-08

September 16th, 2008

Happy Birthday to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew.

Every year, I wish you good health from the bottom of my heart but this year I have a chance to express it openly on my website.  And many more to come.

We are here today is because  you and your great team have faith, fighting spirit, vision, leadership and corrupt-free.

We are lucky to receive education, plenty of jobs created for us to work.  We have a home that is safe to live in.  We are given opportunties to strive for better.

We are indeed very blessed to have you and your team to lead this nation, Singapore.   Of course, not forgetting Mrs Lee, a great pillar to our nation’s great man.

Take Care.

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Being Asian In Central America

August 1st, 2008

 Hi people, I hope you remember me from my last post dated April 18, 2008 about Singapore and travelling (You can re-read it, right at the bottom of this current post).

I’m back from my travels and proud to say that I have backpacked Central America and survived it. It’s a beautiful region, but food and infrastructure is just ridiculous.

You must have heard about the kidnappings, drugs, gun fights and all that crazy dangerous stuff that happens in that region. It’s all true; however being Asian brings another set of interesting experiences. And not all are bad.

For example, we are exposed to lower risk when it comes to kidnapping and crimes. Do you know why? 80s Kung Fu films, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Kung Fu Panda. Flip on the telly, you get 80s Kung Fu films with Chinese dudes flying across a huge dining hall and kicking down a dozen bad guys. One might find it ridiculous that anyone would think like that, but for a region so poor and far away from Asia, where everyone barely owns a computer, much less, a computer with internet. (I saw 4 kids share a computer for an hour at an internet café.) If you consider, it is not hard to imagine why they think whatever the telly portrays us to be.

So basically being Asian in Central America will garner you more than enough stares, looks and some really ridiculous open jawed curiosity. But being Singaporean at the immigration points is just hilarious.

First, our red and loud passport will give the typical immigration officer more than a jump from his seat, and then the name Singapore will cause a 5 minute freeze, followed by a flipping of a huge manual to find out whether we are even a country and liable for any tax or entry fee, followed by another 5 minute amazement with the 96 pages (we have as far as I have seen, the most pages in a passport) in our passport and finally the stamp.

Thus, I have created a map of the various things that I have heard whenever we were in the restaurant, flagged a cab or just plain walking on the streets. It’s really hilarious when I think back in retrospect. What an enjoyable Journey.

Nyan Yuen Keong

Central America

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Mr Gopalan trying to “brainwash” us to be anti-Govt

June 3rd, 2008

Ha, this morning I learnt that  Mr Gopalan was being charged for contempt of court.  Serve him right.  I wanted to blog about him last week but I was very busy making over 200 Bak Chang and helping out at School Bazaar. 

Last Wednesday,  my daughter of 14 and myself went to the High Court.  My main intention was to see my idol,  MM Lee Kuan Yew but I was disappointed.  I should have gone on Tuesday where he was cross-examined by the Chees.  But, I don’t think I want to see the cross-exam either because I learnt from the Lawyer that the Chees acted like hooligans, shouting and pointing fingers at my idol.  How can they do that?  Aren’t they insensitive. Even if they don’t respect MM Lee, they should respect him as an elder.  Where did all the education gone to?

We went early around 12.30pm as we afraid that we are unable to get into the court due to overwhelming support.  As the crowd was thin at that time , we decided to take our lunch. There is only one Bistro and it is called the Academy of Law.  Wow, imaging sitting amongst the lawyers eatng tuna salad, fresh orange juice and beef burger.  The food is fantastic so is the bill. We have to eat slowly, not making so much noise.  It’s quite an experience! Cool!

While sitting at the bench waiting for the  court session to commence at 2.30pm, 1 young couple, an indian guy and a chinese girl, both studying in US, the guy majoring in business  and the girl majoring in politics, seated beside us.  They are spending their Summer Holidays back in Singapore. Seated next to them was Mr Gopalan Nair.  He started the conversation with the couple about the freedom of speech in Philippines and Indonesia; how restrictive in Singapore.  Every word from his mouth was out to slander Singapore and to brainwash us.  Luckily, this young couple proclaimed that they were so proud to be Singaporeans and tried very hard to defend our Singaporean system. 

Mr Gopalan said how we can stay in Singapore with such condition.  I “bey tahan”,  told him that he was “exceptional”.  The young indian complimented me “well said”.  Mr Gopalan went to the extent to say that during a survey on primary students, 50% of the students wanted to migrate!  What a lie?  Primary Students wanted to migrate?  Talk C*ck!

Mr Gopalan started conversation with me:

Gopalan:  Where are you from?

Me        :  Singapore lah

Gopalan: Ya, I know but what are you doing?

Me        : Homemaker

Gopalan:  From your face, I can tell you are from the R.C (I presumed RC
                 = Resident Committee)

Me        : No, I am not from R.C.

Gopalan: Look at the people sitting behind you, they are all from R.C

Me        :  I can swear that I am not from R.C.  But because of you, I will
                join R.C.

r Gopalan was taken aback.  He changed subject.  He waived at those people he had tried to “psycho”  during the last few days but most of them avoided him, giving him excuses that they will catch up with him later.

Wahaha, I was so delighted that I defeated him.  Hello, you know WHO AM I? Singaporean, OK.

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Pedra Branca Belongs to Singapore

May 27th, 2008


 English –  Pedra Branca    Chinese – 白礁  

(Pinyin)  – bái jiāo 

 Malay     – Pedra Branca 

 Tamil      – பெட்ரா பிராங்கா


At Last, on 23rd May 2008, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), had awarded Singapore sovereignty over Pedra Branca and Middle Rocks to Malaysia. The Court also decided that South Ledge belongs to the country in whose territorial waters it is located.

Thanks to the hardwork put in by Professor Tommy Koh, the Attorney-General Mr Chao Hick Tin, the Chief Justice Mr Chan Sek Keong, Professor Alain Pellet and Mr Ian Brownlie, Q.C.

What is Pedra Branca?

Pedra Branca is an island that sits at the eastern entrance of the Straits of Singapore. It lies about 24 nautical miles to the east of Singapore.

Its location has long been of strategic importance to us as it commands the entire eastern approach to the Straits of Singapore, through which almost 900 ships pass daily.

The oldest feature on the island is Horsburgh Lighthouse, which was built on the island by the British between 1847 and 1851.

What are Middle Rocks and South Ledge?

Middle Rocks and South Ledge are two maritime features to the south of Pedra Branca. Middle Rocks consists of two clusters of rocks situated 0.6 nautical miles south of Pedra Branca. South Ledge is a low-tide elevation (in other words, it is submerged at high tide) further south, 2.1 nautical miles, of Pedra Branca. 

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How Mentor Lee Outsmarted Malaysia – Mr by Ahmad Mustapha

May 21st, 2008

Patriotic ME will love to read this piece of article over and over again!

Why look East to Japan for good governance when Singapore is just next door?

Answer: Because Malaysia does not wish to ‘kalah bulu’ without realising that it is already more than ‘kalah bulu’!
At 84, the fire still burns! —–By Mr Ahmad Mustapha:
Singapore ‘s Minister Mentor, Lee Kuan Yew, who was Singapore ‘s founding father, has always been very direct in his comments.

This was the man who outsmarted the communists in Singapore (with the innocent help of Malaya then and the willing help of the British) and who later outwitted the British and outpaced Malaysia in all spheres.

Singapore practices corrupt-free meritocracy and Malaysia affirmative action. The former attracted all the best brains and the latter chased out all the brains.

The Singapore cabinet consists of dedicated and intelligent technocrats whereas Malaysia has one of the most unwieldy cabinets. Not only that, brain- wise it was, below par not even good for the kampong. With that kind of composition, one that is very brainy, naturally Singapore , with no natural resources could outstrip Malaysia in every aspect of development.

Malaysia , on the other hand, was too much preoccupied with its Malayness and the illusory ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ and was also more interested in useless mega iconic development rather than real social and economic development.

Whenever Mentor Lee utters anything that deemed to be a slight on Malaysia , voices were raised admonishing him. Malaysia would never dare to face reality.

That Singapore had shown that it could survive was a slap on those who believed that Singapore would fold up once it left Malaysia . Therefore it was natural that these doomsayers would try to rationalise their utterances to be in their favour to combat on whatever Mentor Lee commented. It is political jealousy.

Singapore achieved its development status without any fanfare . But here in Malaysia, a development that was deceptive was proclaimed as having achieved development status. It was trumpeted as an achievement that befits first world status. This was self delusion. Malaysians are led to believe into a make-believe world, a dream world.

The leaders who themselves tend to believe in their own fabricated world did not realise the people were not taken in by this kind of illusion.
Lee Kuan Yew believed in calling a spade a spade. I was there in Singapore when the People’s Action Party won the elections in 1959. He was forthright in his briefing to party members as to what was expected of them and what Singapore would face in the future.  Ideologically, I did not agree with him.We in the University of Malaya Socialist Club had a different interpretation of socialist reconstruction. But he was a pragmatist and wanted to bring development and welfare to the Singaporeans. Well! He succeeded .Malaysia was so much embroiled in racial politics and due to the fear of losing political power, all actions taken by the main party in power was never targeted towards bringing wealth to all. Wealth was distributed to the chosen few only . They were the cronies and the backers of the party leadership to perpetuate their own selfish ends.Seeing the efficiency and the progress achieved by Singapore caused the Malaysian leadership to suffer from an inferiority complex. That Malaysia should suffer from this complex was of its own making.

In a recent interview, Mentor Lee said that Malaysia could have done better if only it treated its minority Chinese and Indian population fairly. Instead they were completely marginalised and many of the best brains left the country in droves. He added that Singapore was a standing indictment to what Malaysia could have done differently.  He just hit the nail right there on the head.

Malaysia recently celebrated its 50th year of independence with a bagful of uncertainties. The racial divide has become more acute. The number of Malay graduates unemployed is on the increase. And this aspect can be very explosive.  But its sad to see that no positive actions have been taken to address these social ills.  

Various excuses were given by Malaysian leaders why Singapore had far outstripped Malaysia in all aspects of social and economic advancement :-

Singapore was small, they rationalised and therefore easy to manage. Singapore was not a state but merely an island. There was one other aspect that Malaysia practises and that is to politicise all aspects of life. All government organs and machinery were ‘UMNO-ised’. This was to ensure that the party will remain in power. Thus there was this misconception by the instruments of government as to what national interest is and what UMNO vested interest is.

UMNO vested interest only benefited a few and not the whole nation. But due to the UMNO-isation of the various instruments of government, the country under the present administration had equated UMNO vested interest as being that of national interest. Thus development became an avenue of making money and not for the benefit of the people. The fight against corruption took a back seat.

Transparency was put on hold. And the instruments of government took it to be of national interest to cater to the vested interest of UMNO. Enforcement of various enactments and laws was selective. Thus a ‘palace’ in Kelang, APs cronies and close-one-eye umno MPs could exist without proper procedure.  Corruption infested all govt departments, the worst is the police and lately even in the judiciary.  

Singapore did not politicise its instruments of government. If ever policisation took place, it was guided by national interest. To be efficient and to be the best in the region was of paramount importance.

Thus all the elements like corruption, lackadaisical attitude towards work and other black elements, which would retard such an aim, were eliminated. Singapore naturally had placed the right priority in it’s pursuit to achieve what is best for its people. This is the major difference between these two independent countries.  

Malaysia in its various attempts to cover up its failures embarked on several diversions. It wanted its citizens to be proud that the country had the tallest twin-tower in the world, although the structure was designed and built by foreigners. Its now a white-elephant wasting away in the glow of the sun and the moon.

It achieved in sending a man into space at an exorbitant price. For what purpose? These are what the Malays of old would say “menang sorak” (hollow victories).  

It should be realised that administering a country can be likened to managing a corporate entity. If the management is efficient and dedicated and know what they are doing, the company will prosper. The reverse will be if the management is poor and bad, the company will go bust.

There are five countries around this region. There is Malaysia, and then Indonesia . To the east there is the Philippines and then there is that small enclave called the Sultanate of Brunei. All these four countries have abundance of natural resources but none can lay claim to have used all these resources to benefit the people. Poverty was rampant and independence had not brought in any significant benefits to the people.  

But tiny Singapore without any resources at all, managed to bring development to its citizens. It had one of the best public MRT transport systems and airlines in the world and it is a very clean city state.

Their universities, health care, ports are among the best in the world. It is impossible to compare what Singapore has achieved to what all these four countries had so far achieved. It was actually poor management and corruption, and nothing more.

Everything is done for the vested interest of the few. Malaysia , Indonesia and the Philippines and the Sultanate of Brunei need good management teams. They would not be able to do this on their own steam.

I would advise that they call on Mentor Lee to show them what good governance is. Why look East to Japan when the answers are all there just next door across the causeway?

Well said, Mr Ahmad Mustapha. 

We, Singaporeans, do wish to see our neighbours prosper, peaceful and progress together.  A bullet-train across all countries are also our dreams so that we can visit each other over the weekends, like old neighbours.


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Hate Singapore? Travel More…………

April 18th, 2008

Hate Singapore? Travel More…

My mum is a patriotic Singaporean, so much that it gets on my nerves at time. Hahahah.. But now, I think she can be the wisest of people at times and I’m going to proclaim my love for Singapore on her blog. So hear me out, this young Singaporean on his experiences at the land of the cowboys and tequila.

We always hear Singaporeans, especially the young ones like me, complaining about Singapore. Aiya.. Government very ngiao la, always want to tax us, so many fines, restrictions here and there, Singapore so safe till it’s so boring. But we do not know this- we lead such blissful and blessed lives!

Some of you might have known that I am in Mexico for an exchange program. (My mum put my blog under her useful sites by the way.) I love Singapore but I am very open and critical about its flaws and have thought of emigrating out of it many times. But my experience in Mexico has changed my view of Singapore a lot and I’m so proud to be one. Being such a small dot on a map, we have achievements that shame the biggest and advanced of nations at times. They say that “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.” My biggest take away from my long stay here in Mexico is coming to know more about my own country and to love it!

Let’s talk about the 5 things that I now appreciate about Singapore right now

  • 1) The Singapore policemen are not corrupt. In Mexico, you get a speeding ticket, you bribe them.  They stop you for no reason and search you; you have to bribe them.
  • 2) Who said that the Singapore Government is not efficient? You can pay your taxes online, make your passport online and you almost don’t have to wait for too long to get anything done! Allow me to let you in on my little adventure to get my student visa. Steps to applying a student visa
  • a. Week 1 – collect all the information by yourself, bank statements, photocopy your whole passport twice, contact for your housing, your utility bill???? Put it in proper order and it’s about a school textbook thick.
  • b. Week 2- Pay $3 cab to go there and they stamp every page of your papers. They do not check. They tell u to come back 2 weeks later.
  • c. Week 4- Pay $3 cab to go there and they ask you about the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars. They cannot proceed with the processing of my documents unless they know the exchange rate. I give them a rough estimate. They ask me to come back two weeks later.

•d.Week 6- Pay $3 cab to go and they tell me to ARRANGE a date for THUMBPRINTS on the following week.

•e.Week 7- I get my thumbs dirty and the prints are done. They smile at me and tell me to come back 3 weeks later for my visa. I told them I needed to go to the US urgently to visit a relative (actually I want to go there to shop!!!), they told me no.

•f.Remember- on top of all this trouble, I pay $100 for the processing of the visa.

Don’t you think Singapore is so efficient and awesome?

  • 1) A lot of the young people claim that the whole racial harmony thing in Singapore is bullshit. It’s not really racial harmony but just people tolerating each other. I do agree with this to a certain extent. But you think it’s amazing that we at least TRY to Tolerate each other and not stare at each other like aliens from another planet or treat each other different because they look different. I missed the days I can walk freely on the streets without being scrutinized at.
  • 2) English and Singlish. Don’t you appreciate the Singapore government for forcing us to learn English as our first language? Don’t you love it that we have a form of language that identifies us as Singaporeans and captures our culture and our uniqueness? I do. Most Mexicans I know here can’t speak good enough English to save their lives. Look at the map on where Monterrey is. It is about 6-7 hours away from the US border by bus. It is one of the major financial and industrial hubs of Mexico and I study in the premier private university in here. I wished I spoke better Spanish and they spoke better English. People are always surprised when I tell them that our first language in Singapore is English and English to them is something they have to take extra classes for, like what I am doing with Spanish now. I can easily talk to and understand anyone because English is such a common medium for communication.
  • 3) The hardworking, industrious and proactive workers of Singapore. Go to your McDonald and KFC and all, you get REAL FASTFOOD. You go to your retail shop, you see sales people running towards you to say hello and serving your shopping needs. Here, the McDonald is slower than the Mee Pok Ta stall 80 year old auntie. They have an advanced pay and collect system. The paying part is reasonably fast, but the collecting part that’s really another story.

So people, not convinced that Singapore is great? Try leaving in a non Asian developing country for a month and talk to me about it.

Till then,

Have lots of fun!


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