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Feng Tianwei – Our Bronze for Table-Tennis 2012 Olympics

August 3rd, 2012


Hey Tianwei, thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH for the medal which we direly desired and needed to put Singapore PROUDLY on the world map again.

What? Foreign Talent? WHAT are we complaining about?  Great Countries like America, Germany, etc who have  xxxxx times of people more than us, also use Foreign Talents.  So funny!  Why can’t they train their own citizens to represent them?

Feng Tianwei is a SINGAPOREAN.  Isn’t long long ago Singapore already filled with foreign talents.  Where are our grandparents come from hah?  Our PM’s great grandfather was a foreign talent too!

How many Singaporeans can make it to Olympics?  Very few right?

Why?  Because, we, ourselves, disallowed our children to join sports.  No future – 没前途 mah.

How many Singaporeans have the perseverance, tenacity, 坚韧不拔 and with unyielding spirit to persist till the end?  Only, people who can withstand harsh condition and tough training can make it.  CAN WE?  Think about it?  Not another 52 years!

Look at her resounding 4-0 win over Ishikawa of Japan.  She is so steady and cool with an unyielding spirit!


Tianwei never gave up her hope to go into final.  She fought so hard, a never-die spirit.  Although she didn’t make it but she gave China, Ding Ning a good and competitive fight.



We, Singaporeans, have yet to see this unyielding spirit, in us.  We are better of complaining and whining, haha!

BUT, nothing is static.  We can change.  Singaporeans are very adaptable!

Hope Tianwei has inspired us and we can excel too, if we have made up our mind to go for ‘it’.


坚韧不拔 – firm, tenacious and unyielding

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2012 National Day Theme Song

July 25th, 2012


Happy Birthday Singapore!  47 years of independence.  Our Country has grown stronger and more beautiful day by day.

All because, we are hardworking, thrifty, competent, honest and keep upgrading our skills (not material expenses), in tune with this harsh competitive world.  Once slacken, we are left behind.  Who will pity us, take care of us?  Instead, we will be trampled on.

Remember the common saying:  God will take care of those who take care of themselves.  So, we have to take care of ourselves.

If you want the sky, you have to work sky-high to reach the sky.  If you want the grass, then work grass-low to enjoy the grass.  So, stop being a complaint king or queen.  There is no free lunch in this world.  Sooner, no free air too, haha!

Buying branded goods and keeping up with the Joneses only temporarily make you feel ‘superior’ and thus boost your ‘self-esteem and confidence”.  You have to keep ‘re-fuelling’ it.

Does being practical and buying basic necessities make you feel inferior and lost your self-confidence?

We don’t need to feign.  You should be aware who you are!  You are capable, indeed you are!.  You are rich, so you are!.  You are poor, so what’s wrong!

Only the right frame of mind and the right attitude in life will help you to gain the everlasting respect and confidence.  With this, you will lead a peaceful mind and an enriched happy life!

Live within your means!  Be Yourself!


The richness in me, in my heart and in my head, not in my pockets! – Gac Filipaj

2012 National Day Theme Song – Love at First Light


Verse 1:
First light
Rolls across my peaceful isle
Mornings, I wake up, refreshed, renewed
Ready to meet the bright new day
So much to look forward to

Verse 2:
The city has stirred to life
Your smiles
Put a spring in my step
There’s a feeling that binds us one and all
Different stories, shared memories

I love my city’s lively ways
Warm sunny days
Sights and sounds, special tastes
That add up to this place
I love my friends, my closest ties
Now I finally realize
When it feels this right
You know that it’s love at first light

Verse 3:
Night fall, stars twinkling on the bay
My dreams can take flight if I dare
There’s a feeling that binds us one and all
We look forward to a brighter day


Hand in hand, we’ll find new strength
And see our dreams take flight in Singapore

Where ever we roam, there’s no place like home
Come what may, we’ll be here to stay
When it feels this right
You know that it’s
Love at first light

Music by: Iskandar Ismail
Lyrics by: Paul Tan
Performed by: Olivia Ong, Natanya Tan
Directed by: Aaron Tan Mien Shawn


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Warm Spring – 暖春 (真情是本片的精髓)

July 6th, 2012


Selective Video circulated by my kaki, Jessie Wong T.H.  Thanks!

Good educational and touching movie with English subtitles.  A “Must Watch” with your family, especially with your children.

This show reminds us that we, especially Singaporeans, are a fortunate lot of people!   Mai Hiam Liao Hoh.

“It teaches us that our sincerity, patience and gratitude will change other people’s ill perceptions, feelings, attitudes and treatments towards us.  If they are not kind to us, we should be tolerant and even kinder to them.  With time, their conscience will prevail.” commented by an unkown.




人要知福、惜福、再造福 !

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梁文福 – 歷史考試前夕 with English Translation

June 29th, 2012



作者,梁文福, 是新加坡文学,音乐坛之宝



如果秦始皇燒書都燒完 我不必讀到三點半
如果周公真的忙著治天下 何必不斷催我入夢鄉

三閭大夫不投汨羅江 賣粽子老王生活怎麼辦
如果楚霸王當年不到烏江 隔壁班劉邦不會這麼囂張

西施不浣紗 昭君不和番 現代的古典美人做何打算
如果劉備哭不出諸葛亮 會不會鬧出一陣劇本荒

只看過薛丁山 偏要考安祿山 知道馮寶寶她演過楊玉環
若非十二金牌將岳飛來調返 今天還吃不吃到油條香

我吃過月餅當然知道朱元璋 吃榴槤知道鄭和下西洋
胡金銓的戲裡聽過東西廠 看金庸小說知道袁崇煥

只嘆林則徐燒鴉片燒不完 西太后偏偏相信義和團
珍妃不該嫁給那個光緒皇 幾千年等到一個孫中山

萬里長城長 沒有歷史長 考試題目比那絲路還彎
五胡亂華亂 我的腦筋更亂 心情比那個八國聯軍慌

多少年的改變已經很習慣 多少次革命總是革不完
謝天謝地近代史老師講不完 下一代歷史考試不敢想像



Lagi One more!

梁文福 – 一步一步來



童年時候多自在 樣樣都可愛
哥哥天天上學去 我等著他回來
爸爸笑著對我說 一步一步來

上了學校才知道 考試不可愛
上課總是看手表 哎喲假期幾時來
老師笑著對我說 一步一步來


十七八歲多古怪 學人談戀
情書寫了十多封 在車站苦等待
吃飯跳舞真不壞 送她回家說good night
她的媽媽開門說 你給我一步一步來

畢了業我才知道 社會更可愛
應徵前後幾十次 只有一次沒失敗
薪水不敢說出來 夜裡要把工開
現在行情壞 我的老板說 你要一步一步來


結了婚我才知道 什麼叫做債
老婆總算娶回來 沒錢生小乖乖
家俱電器真不賴 價錢更精彩
夜夜繽紛看開懷 其他一步一步來

天才不是人人做 平凡也不壞
我說搭巴士也要把隊排 你要一步一步來





好歌 來 分享!

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Theme Song from The Hippocratic Crush a.ka. On Call 36 Hours

May 17th, 2012



The Drama is amazing.  The doctors do their work with passion, love, dedication, professionalism and selfless.  The song lagi best.  Full of true love, very very  温馨.




Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live




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Inspirational Speech by Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane’s 2009 Commencement Speech

May 10th, 2012



Everybody sees how you seem, however, only some know who you are!

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Working after Age 70?

May 4th, 2012



This is funny but also quite true in life.  With their experience, the senior should do advisory role rather than menial work:



Happy Vesak Day, tomorrow!

Focus on what is left, not focus on what is lost.


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Meaningful Song – 伴

May 3rd, 2012


A very meaningful theme song for the drama series Pillow Talk by MediaCorp, depicting how we should live, endure and accommodate one another amongst  partners, parents, children and in-laws.



如 果 命運可以訂做

如果 有另一次選擇

我想我 還是會



就算 你有天變落魄

就算 你老得不能動

我想我 還是會



*嘴巴上 彼此嫌麻煩

眼神中 關懷那麼滿

沒說愛 卻早已認定


在人前 從來不浪漫

在心中 卻總為對方打算


就算 我以後變囉嗦

就算 我老了有病痛

我想你 還是會



Repeat *  …  *

Repeat *…*







 Know That You are UNIQUE!

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Price Tag

April 28th, 2012


My dear doll, Ting, recommended this song to me.  She said I sure like it.  Indeed.

My daughter knows she has a ‘hot’ mama, funny and crazy one who needs to be tamed.  I am her ‘daughter’ and she is my ‘mother’.  She will remind me to drink enough water, invent me a schedule to eat my vitamins, calcium, royal jelly, evening prime rose, etc..  If I insomnia, she will read to me.  If I didn’t sit probably, she will signal me. Just like a mother hen.

My husband is a lo-li-lo-so ‘papa’ to me, taking care of all the ‘big and small’ things’, thinking I am very gullible and easily ‘gana’ cheated by people.  Please lah, ‘Who Am I’, sia.

My whole family is very ‘xi-lai-lious’ people EXCEPT ME, got all the genes from the ‘papa’.  All got very ‘serious’ face including my ‘assistant’ (maid) of 20+ years.  Wah, very stressful leh.  You say something funny, they catch no ball and thought you critisie them.  SO BE IT.

Lagi best,  my family is like another ‘department’ of my husband’s company. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper’s conversation is revolved round ‘business’ discussion.  We are listeners (90% of the time),debaters(5%) as well as advisers(5%) too(wu yi kong, Bo wa kong).  I think we should be named “VIP brainstorming Dept.” and claim a salary from his Company.  Very tiring indeed.

I hope after his retirement, the conversation is NOT revolved round  his ‘past’ company.

Heng ah, he will not visit my website.  He views it as children playground, lol.  His past time is watching Youtube Kung-Fu Fighting, ya that’s adult thing.

So, let’s be crazy.


Don’t worry about the past and don’t get too upset or take it to heart because it does nothing for U

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the DJ Got Us Fallin In Love again

April 25th, 2012


This is one of the HOT HOT songs.

My Aerobic Instructor, Kieran uses it to make us MOVE.

Kieran is very passionate in his occupation. We have ABT (Abs, Buns & Thighs) session with him for almost 2+ years.  Lately, I joined his Low Impact Aerobics.  He had students with him for more than 10+ years.

I immediately fell in love  with the Low Impact Aerobics.  It’s so so so FUN, FUN, FUN.  We move like MTV dancers, haha. The songs so hot and motivating.  After an hour exercise, your whole body smells, detoxing in fact.  This session is to burn our fat.

The ABT is torturing but definitely GOOD. This session is to tone our muscles and toning the whole physique.

If you just do ABT, you are building muscles on top of your fat.  So, it’s very difficult to slim down.

The Low Impact Aerobics is for you to burn FAT.  So, to be effective, they should  go hand in hand.

I invited Kieran to this year’s Chinese New Year gathering.  I casually mentioned that I wanted to lose 5kg by this year end but he took it seriously.  From the next session onwards, he gives us more hard time and torture than before.  Hei hei, although we complain, we enjoy it.

He is quite strick with his sessions.  He will ‘shout’ at you if he sees you ‘tao jiak’ (slow down).  My name gana called out, always loh. Aiya, bei tahan (cannot take it).  Slow and steady, win the race mah.  I told him that doctor says:  Listen to your body.  He said that I am the doctor.  My moniker in the class is ‘5kg’

I shall buy him a lunch when my target is met.

His sessions never once dull US.   There is always new steps, new patterns ….

We always look forward to it.

Rumoured the he was in the financial mkt years ago in forex dept?  Yet to explore further.




 The Journey is more important than the destination.

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