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Feng Tianwei – Our Bronze for Table-Tennis 2012 Olympics

August 3rd, 2012


Hey Tianwei, thank you VERY VERY VERY MUCH for the medal which we direly desired and needed to put Singapore PROUDLY on the world map again.

What? Foreign Talent? WHAT are we complaining about?  Great Countries like America, Germany, etc who have  xxxxx times of people more than us, also use Foreign Talents.  So funny!  Why can’t they train their own citizens to represent them?

Feng Tianwei is a SINGAPOREAN.  Isn’t long long ago Singapore already filled with foreign talents.  Where are our grandparents come from hah?  Our PM’s great grandfather was a foreign talent too!

How many Singaporeans can make it to Olympics?  Very few right?

Why?  Because, we, ourselves, disallowed our children to join sports.  No future – 没前途 mah.

How many Singaporeans have the perseverance, tenacity, 坚韧不拔 and with unyielding spirit to persist till the end?  Only, people who can withstand harsh condition and tough training can make it.  CAN WE?  Think about it?  Not another 52 years!

Look at her resounding 4-0 win over Ishikawa of Japan.  She is so steady and cool with an unyielding spirit!


Tianwei never gave up her hope to go into final.  She fought so hard, a never-die spirit.  Although she didn’t make it but she gave China, Ding Ning a good and competitive fight.



We, Singaporeans, have yet to see this unyielding spirit, in us.  We are better of complaining and whining, haha!

BUT, nothing is static.  We can change.  Singaporeans are very adaptable!

Hope Tianwei has inspired us and we can excel too, if we have made up our mind to go for ‘it’.


坚韧不拔 – firm, tenacious and unyielding

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