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Charmaine Needs Help

July 3rd, 2009


“The most important thing in illness is never to lose heart.” — Nikolai Lenin


A reader highlighted to me that a little girl named Charmaine needed help urgently.

Charmaine, our Singaporeans’ daughter, a 4 year old girl is diagnosed to be suffering from a rare cancer, Neuroblastoma.  Currently, she is treating her sickness at KK and/or NUH, at  stage 4th cancer and fighting hard.  A sweet and cheerful little girl, at such a young age, has to undergo so much pain and suffering . As at 2/7/09, Charmaine is into 5th round of Chemotherapy at NUH.


 Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!    15th May 2009 

 Doubling Charmaine’s chances of survival:
There is an alternative form of treatment for neuroblastoma offered in the US which could double Charmaine’s chances of survival. The drug used in the treatment is known as 3F8, which is produced by the white blood cells of mice.  And it costs around US$350,000 –  Half a million Singapore dollars.

Rationally speaking, half a million dollars can be better spent on saving thousands of malnourished kids in Africa than on Charmaine who only has a 40-50% chance of survival even with the antibody in New York.  Whose mother and father can be rational at this point of time?  No parents will forgive themselves for not trying very hard to beg  help for their daughter whose life is dependant on them only to fight for surviving.

Some helped:

1)  Dr Chui Chan Hon from KKH’s Surgery for Children never charges a single cent for Charmaine’s consultation.

2)  Hardware Zone has matched dollar for dollar from their website’s cash donation up to a cap of S$10,000.

3)  Rafi Ali from Rafi Ali Soccer School and their sponsors had organised a soccer match on 28/6/09 at Tampines Stadium.  All proceeds from entrance fee were donated to pay for Charmaine’s medical bills.

4)  On 22/6/09 – Charmaine’s plight was featured on The New Paper and Lian He Wan Bao. An anonymous donor donated S$40,000/-.

5)  Many blogs and Forums like Mr Brown, Todays Motherhood, Singapore Rolex Club, HWZ, kiasu parents have helped to garner cash donations.

Todate, around S$330,000 has been collected.  Almost 66% of the S$500,000 has been reached.  More helps required to quickly reach the target for Charmaine.

You can help by donating cash or by helping in other ways. If you are unable to contribute at this point of time, pls take a little time to click on the nuffnang ads at Charmaine’s website.  All proceeds would go into Charmaine’s funds.   Please visit the website

How to donate cash?

Click onto :

Please circulate this urgent request for help amongst your friends and relatives.  God blessed us who are healthy and able to help the unfortunate.



 The greatest Joy………………………….Giving
 The most satisfying work…………….Helping others
 The greatest ’shot in the arm’……….Encouragement
 The most crippling failure disease…………Excuses
The most powerful force in life……………….Love
 The worst thing to be without………………. Hope
The two most power-filled words……………..’I Can’



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