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Warm Spring – 暖春 (真情是本片的精髓)

July 6th, 2012


Selective Video circulated by my kaki, Jessie Wong T.H.  Thanks!

Good educational and touching movie with English subtitles.  A “Must Watch” with your family, especially with your children.

This show reminds us that we, especially Singaporeans, are a fortunate lot of people!   Mai Hiam Liao Hoh.

“It teaches us that our sincerity, patience and gratitude will change other people’s ill perceptions, feelings, attitudes and treatments towards us.  If they are not kind to us, we should be tolerant and even kinder to them.  With time, their conscience will prevail.” commented by an unkown.




人要知福、惜福、再造福 !

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