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Lobang Ah – Where is Gold Heading?

May 11th, 2012


Auntie Me is not up to standard yet to chart so I get a Guru, Ivan Koh,  to chart the Gold for me.

Always gana spoonfeeded, so never learn how to fish, spoilt by good friends.  Don’t sweat the small stuff, let the gurus crack their head to come up charts for us, haha.

See the benefits of having guru friends, haha.


Gold historical high @ 1920.95 (Red comment in the chart)

Spot Gold Chart dated 09/05/12

In case you are unable to  see the most important comment in the box, I repeat it word by word below:

“Strong dollar vs Euro currencies may put pressure on Gold price short-term… cyclical low in June-Aug should provide support at 1520 and risk down to 1450.”  So cleverly or professionally worded, no commitment.

So, when to buy leh?  Wait and see loh.

In the end you still need to learn to fish and not fish on the table.


An Investment in Knowledge pays the Best Interest!


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