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The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

April 16th, 2012

Last Friday, a Talk , “Trading with Bollinger Band” by Mr. Nicholas Tan, a man with 20+ years in forex trading, share a lobang with us.

He recommended us to enjoy a song video by Kenny Rogers, as produced below:

Gambling is likened to Trading in Financial Markets:

The useful and meaningful lyrics extracted from the song as follows:

“If you’re gonna play the game boy

Ya gotta learn to play it right ’cause you got to

know when to hold ’em

know when to fold ’em

know when to walk away

and know when to run”

Very True but how many play it right?

We tend to hold the loser not the winner ,

sell the winning stock too early

never want to cut loss

still want to chase the stock when we suppose to walk away

freeze when markets stumble, too injured to run home

So, have we learn from our lessons? or repeat again until we graduate?

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